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Infiltrate A1

Infiltrate a RED base from underneath!

  1. Star Bright
    My second full mapping project!

    So I had an idea from a while back of an attack / defend map that would have BLU attacking a RED base from underneath because why not. I intend for this map to be a 3cp map, but since I'm still fairly new to mapping and asymmetrical mapping as well, I'd like to get a bit of feedback on the map in its current state without the third control point. I feel satisfied with the first point but because of how "unique" my second point is (look at how high up the damn thing is!), I would like to know if the height variation is too drastic or if it seems all right.

    20160419162909_1.jpg 20160419162922_1.jpg 20160419162928_1.jpg 20160419162933_1.jpg 20160419162938_1.jpg 20160419162947_1.jpg 20160419163002_1.jpg 20160419163008_1.jpg 20160419163016_1.jpg 20160419163023_1.jpg 20160419163028_1.jpg 20160419163033_1.jpg

    (P.S: Displacements are annoying.)