72hr [MvM] Demolition Mann a2

Fighting robots solo on Bigrock!

  1. Star Bright
    While it's a little early to be posting this IMO, I would like to get an initial version of my own 72hour contribution going.
    So what is this? It's a completely custom Mann vs Machine mission made entirely from scratch using Notepad++!
    It's a 6 wave mission that takes place on mvm_bigrock. It's designed for one player, so having any more than that might make it a little bit easy. I do plan on creating a multiplayer (aka 6stack) version before the end of the Jam, time allowing.

    To play, there's a bit of a process. Let me give instructions:
    1) Download the .vpk file.
    2) Navigate to your tf/custom folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom) and put the vpk in there.
    3) Open up TF2, go to "Create Server", and create one on mvm_bigrock.
    4) Once in, open up console (`) and type in: tf_mvm_popfile demolition_mann
    5) Destroy some robots!

    Would appreciate any feedback; there's still 55 hours left in the jam! ^_^


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