Indust A6

An indoor koth map by a complete newbie

  1. Now with 99% less dev textures!

    Star Bright
    Finally got around to texturing this dang thing! In terms of layout not a whole lot has changed, but I'm happy with where it sits currently (will upload screens in a bit)

    • Removed (hopefully) all dev textures
    • Lowered the ceiling
    • Added some signs to show where to go
    • Changed the health in vents to a medium pack
  2. Updated to A5

    Star Bright
    Thanks to whoever was in the EU gameday today. I didn't get a whole lot of feedback, so there weren't many layout changes, but I did get some stuff accomplished:

    • Redistributed health and ammo:
    • Above the point from medium to small
    • To the side of the point (below the lights) from small to medium, jump to reach it reduced
    • In vents from small to full (might encourage giving up the high ground of the point? Might change to medium if it's too much)
    • Sightline...