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High Ground A2

Spacious (but not too spacious) KOTH map with varying stories of verticality.

Screenshot (676).png
Screenshot (677).png

King of the Hill map with the cap point being the highest point on the map. While this gives the defenders a big advantage, the offensive team have multiple options to take the point. The offensive team can take the low ground near the ledge to hide from the defenders on top.

Screenshot (684).png

Screenshot (680).png

..Or they can use the side building near the cap point to force the defenders out in the open, where they're more vulnerable.

Screenshot (681).png

There's also a small room below the capture point that teams can use to take cover and heal up. This room also connects into the side building, so defenders will need to watch out for people coming from below as well.

Screenshot (683).png

..and here's the lobby. It has multiple entrances and exits that favor the respective lobby's team but doesn't disadvantage people wanting to be more aggressive too much.

Screenshot (687).png


Overall, pretty happy with the map so far. It still has a longs way to go before it's anywhere near done but I've been enjoying the map-making process a lot.

BTW, I tweaked the NAV file inside the zip folder so that bots can move around without too much of a problem. Please use the NAV file I provided instead of using 'nav_generate' in game.

I'd appreciate any sort of feedback, whether it be map or bot related. Keep in mind that this is my first attempt at an actual TF2 map (and my third TF2 map ever made), so if you do leave any feedback, I would appreciate if you could elaborate on it and explain your reasoning. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the map.
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King of the Hill

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