dev textures

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  1. Fudge Man

    DriedAlgae A1

    Dried Algae is a king of the hill map. The theme is undecided as of now, the algae title is a work in progress. Give feedback pls.
  2. Ville

    koth_devyard 1.1

    BEHOLD! I have started learning Hammer; this is my first (technically second) playable map. FEATURES: 2 spawn rooms per team (WOW!) Symmetrical (INCREDIBLE) Dev textures (COOL) Props (BETTER THAN NOTHING) No soundscapes (PEACE AND QUIET) Includes a navmesh (BOTS CAN PLAY WITH YOU) And a lot...

    koth_keep_a1 1

    koth keep is a king of the hill map that features a point with an obstruction in the middle of it. The point is surrounded by multi-level flank passages
  4. Rbstat

    fd_prefab 2023-01-01

    A prefab for my custom gamemode Flag Defense (or FD for short) Inside this you should find all the map logic to make the gamemode work. Most importantly being: * A set of three intel briecases with which blu team caps. (theres also a briecase for red but it's disabled by default) * A point...
  5. Rbstat

    fd_grey 2023-01-01

    New Year... New Map!!! I started this map like last year at most. Mainly as a map designed to quickly show off my custom game mode Flag Defense (or FD for short) that I had come up with. As such this is all dev textures, Hence the name. The goal is simple! Grab the Enemy Intel and take it to...
  6. The Real J

    koth_blank 2.0

    -- If you find any bugs or errors, leave us a comment! -- koth_blank my first map baby FULL v2.0: - New locations. -------------------------- BETA v1.0: - Added an easter egg room. -------------------------- BETA v0.8: - New shortcut on the spawns. -------------------------- BETA v0.3: -...
  7. LizardOfOz

    sd_red_planet a13

    A close quarters map with 3 main routes where you have to deliver a bomb (flag) which spawns at the center to the enemy base.
  8. Aulli

    More Dev Tints V1

    Monochrome reflectivities, overly vibrant red/blue/orange measuregenerics, Maybe the occasional faded graygrid.. Dev textures are very nice to use for putting things together fast, but man you don't have a lot of good colors to work with. Thus, I decided I'd make some of my own, Based on what...
  9. SA ST

    koth_24_0 v1

    My first map. Its a koth map. Really simple but fun!!! :)
  10. ham

    KOTH_pseudoatrium_a2 a2

    updated version of psuedoatrium
  11. ham

    Pseudoatrium a3

    Pseudoatrium is my first ever functional map. So far it's nothing special, but given time it'll improve.
  12. Squidant

    TwofoldTowers 1.0

    While I've been experimenting with Hammer for a while now this is my first completed map project! The concept came from a joke during a Discord call that went a little like "What if there was a CTF map where the intel was at the top of two huge towers, that would suck" and it snowballed from...
  13. Endermage77

    Too Many dev_measuregeneric01 Textures v1

    Do you need more flavors of dev_measuregeneric01 than you know what do to with? Then this is the pack for you! This pack includes way more dev_measuregeneric01 variants than any sane human is ever going to need: Variants based on metals! Variants with new colors, old ones, a whole slew of...
  14. This Guy.

    Training Exercise for bots 2 v1

    Now with a bridge! Here's another cp map for bots, this time, smaller. it contains a sniper spot, a bunch of buildings and the water is actually used as an obstacle instead of just... being there. There is no custom navigation file. nav_generate fully works, without several bugs. Bugs I could...
  15. bagelchips

    koth_dustpit A1

    My first map, so don't expect perfect balance. A small, viaduct inspired koth map with a choice, go blindly out a vent for quick access to the point, or take a longer, safer path. Just like viaduct, this map is symmetrical mirrored. Just dev textures, unoptimized, and with a bad skybox.
  16. wolfcl0ck

    sd_warehouse A020

    sd_warehouse is a special delivery map, the current version I am releasing having been done in 7 hours. In this map, which I'm currently calling warehouse, teams have to bring the australium into said warehouse, then bring it down into "the pit," which will activate the large door at the end of...
  17. shermp

    cp_drainwash b1

    A small, and very linear simple and basic 5CP map, sawmill themed.
  18. DogeisCut

    Engineer Town A2

    Another map of a custom game mode where you must destroy the other team's mega sentries. This time the map is much more fleshed out for the game mode!
  19. guy ( longer name )

    Koth Bestland ( alpha 1 ) 2021-03-14

    Can't say much the map itself was made in 1 day, everything else ( lighting, control point, spawns ) was made in 2 days.
  20. ButteredSideDown

    koth_bainbridge_a1 2020-12-11

    Just the first map I've ever uploaded. Had a few adventures with hammer in the past but with this one I plan to stay with it and improve it over time. Thanks, and have fun!