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72hr General Medieval Tie v1

Medieval MvM mission/concept without sv_medieval 0

  1. Nuke
    "I'd love to join you down there, mortals, but I have a heart condition and the rules are clearly posted. I'm with you, it's ridiculous. Write your congressman!"
    © Merasmus

    This is "medieval" mission with no server side plugins/modifications installed. Bots suffer no damage from ranged weapons unless (!) :
    • It's small list of specific weapons (list included in .zip and in this post)
    • It's a mini-crit/full crit damage
    - Tanks
    - Custom Icons (oy-vey)
    - Random bots, all medievalized!
    - And obligatory shenanigans your team can't pull off.

    Estimated difficulty: Advanced-Expert+, depends on wave/team
    Suggested classes:
    • Pyro, focus - airblast : Next to a neccessity, no single test managed to beat last waves without that.
    • Sniper : Recommended, not Sydney Sleeper or Bow, Explosive Headshots are your best friend.
    • Medic : Optional, if you can manage to ubersaw-kritz 24/7 you're dumping down difficulty a lot due to unlocking all ranged weaponry for your team.
    • Demoknight : Optional, can mostly solo deal with all the small robots on the field except most annoying/tiresome
    Classes to avoid:
    • Scout : No matter how good your mini-crit mark is and how good milk is, it's just not worth it when your team already lacks damage
    • Engineer : Unless you get some form of minicrits 24/7 - you're useless and even then, going some melee focused class is plain better.
    • Speeder bots tend to not use banner and keep switching from melee to Concheror, being useless. (Expect fix after Jam, maybe for showcase)
    • Steak Tanks sometimes dispense their Buffalo Steaks, healing players (Cannot be fixed, r: Heavy AI)
    List of found weapons that do ranged damage without crits:
    • Righteous Bison
    • Alt-Fire of Short Circuit
    • Medic Shield
    • Explosive headshots
    • Enforcer
    Any weapon that is melee and/or recieves crits of any form is also capable of dealing damage
    • Milk Syringes upgrade applies milk even if no damage was done
    • Sentries do count up assists even if they did no damage
    Entire album on imgur: http://imgur.com/a/D8jvb
    .zip contains :
    - Population files (mvm_mapname_gmt.pop) and 2 generic files that meant to work with most custom maps.
    - Base robot files (robot_gmt.pop/robot_gmt_bot.pop). They are REQUIRED for mission to run on any map.
    - Custom icons (leaderboard_class_*.vmt/vmf). Include them in your resource download file for server owners.
    ** Everything explained more clearly in README file **

    Plans till end of 72hr: Done and dusted.

    Special thanks to:
    Valve, IG Icon pack creators : creating base material for icons.
    Surny - providing only possible support in form of providing server. Without testing, this would be WAY.. WAY worse.

    P.S. It's GMT. Like, Greenwich Mean/Meridian Time. But it's not.