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Decay (aka Decoy_Event) rc1a

It is more halloweeny than Ghost Town

  1. Nuke
    If you have any loved ones, say goodbye to them now! Save the Mann Co. from reviving G. Mann (more info on workshop page)

    Current version (rc1) has:
    • Complete re-artpass of Decoy in MannManor-ish style
    • New Skybox and Ligthing
    • New details/brushwork
    • Custom particles and "finely tuned" hatch
    • New logic, more detailed:
      • More bombs (included 45s reset bombs, 3 of them)
      • New tank route!
    • Nightmare mission "Sweet Sins" and upcoming hell mission "Satan's Seed"!
    mvm_decay_rc10000.jpg mvm_decay_rc10001.jpg mvm_decay_rc10002.jpg mvm_decay_rc10003.jpg mvm_decay_rc10004.jpg mvm_decay_rc10005.jpg mvm_decay_rc10006.jpg mvm_decay_rc10007.jpg mvm_decay_rc10008.jpg mvm_decay_rc10009.jpg mvm_decay_rc10010.jpg mvm_decay_rc10011.jpg mvm_decay_rc10012.jpg mvm_decay_rc10013.jpg

    .zip contains bsp and nav files for map. Any mission made for Decoy will probably work on this map as well, but without using pieces of new logic.

    Big thanks towards @epicfighter4242 for compiling (only full compiles) and TF2M community for providing me tips/hints along the way

    Special Thanks:
    @Exactol - Halloween CP Particles
    @MaccyF - Forest rocks 003, 005 and 007
    • Optimisation

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  1. DragonX
    Version: rc1a
    is noice