Transit A5

CTF with delayed capture

  1. Nuke
    Located on closed subway station, teams try to steal nifty briefcases. But since it's underground fight, they have to deliver it to outside world!

    Thus the new delayed capture mechanic commences :
    • Instead of bringing their briefcase to yours, you return it to your Capture Point (that is located close to middle area, yet not that far away compared to original briefcase location)
    • Here you have to defend intel in hands of any player for 40 seconds.
    • Afterwards - secure cap as usual.
    Audio and visual cues of "capture" progress and area included. Updated mission briefing as well.

    Plans (aside from balancing):
    • Proper artpass somewhen
    Now here, have some low-quality screens :
    ctf_transit_a20003.png ctf_transit_a20004.png ctf_transit_a20005.png ctf_transit_a20006.png ctf_transit_a20007.png ctf_transit_a20008.png ctf_transit_a20009.png ctf_transit_a20010.png

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