mvm mission

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  1. SnickerPuffs

    Robotic Boogaloo Mk. II v2

    NOTICE: This download does NOT include the original cut Robotic Boogaloo mission. If you'd like to see that, go here! With permission from the original mission creators, here is a patched-up and enhanced version of the originally-scrapped Robotic Boogaloo mission. Not trying to stray too far...
  2. Harry Houdini

    MvM_mission - 72_Copper_Melt RC1

    Mission Name : Copper Melt File Name: 72_Copper_Melt An advanced mission on MvM_Faza_rc4. *5 Waves* Some custom icons were used in this mission, all of them you can find here -
  3. Blitz-O

    [MvM Popfile] Coaltown - Xenolith V1

    To be straight-forward with this: I made this because I'm currently working on replacing all vanilla missions with my own custom ones. This is one of the Intermediate missions I've gotten around to finish for Coaltown, my goal is to achieve or get a similar vibe to Valve's difficulty and robot...
  4. stfuscript

    Mission not appearing on vote menu

    The spelling of the map (mvm_mannhattan) is correct, but the mission still doesn't appear on the vote menu. Does this have to do with the directory of the population folder or something? And it is a popfile, not a .txt file. (name is wip dont bully pls)
  5. Harry Houdini

    MvM_Copper RC2A

    MvM_Copper, one of the few maps I have completed (almost full). Map is mostly a building, with different sections, while the rest of the street is Red spawn-hatch. There are Three ways for the tank and bomb path on the map. At the moment, all missions is ready for the map: (Rule of Robot...
  6. Dayal

    [Guide] An in-depth guide on how to create mvm missions

    So a couple of months ago, before I decided to take a break from TF2 and the Discord server. I asked in the Discord server if I should make a guide going over all of the knowledge I gained over the years of playing and creating custom mvm missions. Now, there were a few answers saying that I...
  7. August101 help!

    So I made a custom mission for a custom mvm map I made but after the 5 scquad the last group won't spawn. I'm using the website to make the mission, I need help, I the first wave won't end without it.
  8. Nuke

    72hr General Medieval Tie v1

    "I'd love to join you down there, mortals, but I have a heart condition and the rules are clearly posted. I'm with you, it's ridiculous. Write your congressman!" © Merasmus This is "medieval" mission with no server side plugins/modifications installed. Bots suffer no damage from ranged weapons...
  9. Nuke

    Everlasting Mayhem v1.1

    Do you have the guts to take on endless stream of robots? No? Too bad 'cause it's coming to you anyways. Originated from one of my old 72hr entries, "The Real Calamity", comes Everlasting Mayhem - better, harder, less buggier and most of all - more teamwork/class based than original. What is...
  10. The One Of Wonders

    MvM Isolation Mission Extension Pack V1

    Well, this is my 1st be gentle XD Anyway! this is a mission pack for E-Arkham's mvm isolation map! As it sounds, it's a pack that has 5 extra missions made by me for this mission! This mission pack contains: Frozen Frenzy (Nightmare Difficulty) Chilling Pain (Expert Difficulty)...