Everlasting Mayhem v1.1

Endless MvM Mission (originally - 72hr entry)

  1. Nuke
    Do you have the guts to take on endless stream of robots?
    Too bad 'cause it's coming to you anyways.

    Originated from one of my old 72hr entries, "The Real Calamity", comes Everlasting Mayhem - better, harder, less buggier and most of all - more teamwork/class based than original.

    What is this?
    It's an endless mission. Literally endless. You recieve some money, bots drop money and your task is well.. Last as long as you can.
    Original had a backstory but it would go into making a TL;DR summary anyways so i won't bother overflowing you with info here.

    - All 7 stock maps
    - Tanks and Gatebots
    - Custom Icons (oy-vey)
    - Random bots everytime you play! (Atleast, as far as Valve-made templates go)
    - And obviously, ton of rage streaming from your team when you going to play this.

    • Wave contains atleast 4 Giant Robots (100$ each) you have to kill.
    • Wave contains endless stream of bomb carrier Robots(100$, 2$/bot), snipers and spy missions.
    • If map supports tanks, 2 Tanks (100$ each) would be added.
    • If map supports gate/gatebot mechanics, endless stream of Gatebot robots (100$, 2$/bot) is added as well as 2 more Giant Gatebot (150$ each) robots.
    Starting money: 2500$-3750$ (depends on gatebot/tank presence)
    Wave money: 500$-1100$/wave (depends on gatebot/tank presence)

    Estimated difficulty : Advanced (v1.1 not tested)
    !NOTICE! Gates on Mannhattan reset every 50 waves. It might lead to rather hardcore gameplay cause it's uncertain if it's possible to even reach that far.


    • Icons break on Wave 51. It's an engine bug that i can't fix. I can only delay it at cost of file size (Right now popfiles are ~34-55KB and that's enormous for .txt)
    .zip contains :
    - 7 population files (mvm_mapname_EndlessMayhem.pop). For linux players/servers - rename popfile to don't have capital letters.
    - Base robot file (robot_mayhem.pop). It is REQUIRED for mission to run on any map.
    - 2 custom icons (leaderboard_class_*.vmt/vmf). Include them in your resource download file for server owners.

    Well now... Good luck farming. Knock 'em dead, champ.

    • Make generic mission that would work for any map (no tanks/gatebots)
    • Add custom map support
    • Add custom bot support

Recent Updates

  1. v1.1 : Bugfixes, bugfixes everywhere