MVM Class Icons V1

Custom MVM class icons from the Iron Gauntlet team

  1. Gadget
    (I'm uploading this package on behalf of Hydrogen.)

    This work can be freely used as a part of any non-commercial (non-profit) project.
    You may reproduce or reupload the contents of this work anywhere (another website, your fastdl, etc).
    Attribution/acknowledgement is appreciated but not required.

    Icons were made by Lvl. 100 Spycrab, Snowbat, Alias and Woozlez.
    Documentation & instructions were written by Hydrogen.

    Steam profile URLs:


    - The png images are for your reference only so that you can see what each icon looks like
    - Drop all the vmt/vtf files in common/Team Fortress 2/tf/materials/hud in your client (creating any folders if they do not exist)

    SERVER INSTALLATION: (FastDownload required)
    - (Optional) Bzip all the files
    - Upload them to /materials/hud on your FastDL, with respect to the root directory (the directory your sv_downloadurl points to).
    - You do not need to install them in srcds, although you can if you want to (/tf/materials/hud)
    - You will need a .res file (included in this download) in order to inform your clients (players) to download the icons from your FastDL.
    Make copies of the res file for each map (NOT each mission) that has missions that use any of these icons.

    For example, if you want the icons to download on mvm_bigrock, you would copy the res file and rename it as "mvm_bigrock.res" (just like the bsp filename).


    Icons commonly used in Iron Gauntlet:

    demo_caber - Caber demoman
    clusterbomb - Iron bomber grenade launcher demoman
    loosecannon - Demoman with the loose cannon
    rapidcaber - Caber demoman that can charge (has some charging shield)
    heavy_apocofist - Apocofist melee heavy
    heavy_booster - Crit on kill & heal on kill heavy
    heavy_brassbeast - Brass beast heavy
    heavy_dwarf - Melee heavy with the warrior's spirit
    heavy_grapple - Heavy that can pull in the targets they are shooting at
    heavy_shotgun_burst - Panic attack shotgun bots
    medic_blast - Blast vaccinator medic
    medic_bullet - Bullet vaccinator medic
    medic_fire - Fire vaccinator medic
    medic_crossbow - Crusader crossbow medic
    medic_kritz - Kritzkrieg medic
    medic_shield_qf - Shield medic (quickfix)
    medic_shield_uber - Shield medic (uber medic/stock medigun)
    medic_syringe - Syringe/blutsauger medic
    pyro_flareheal - Flare gun pyro with heal on hit or kill
    pyro_heal - Pyro with heal on hit or kill (usually powerjack)
    pyro_manmelter - Pyro with the manmelter
    pyro_neon - Pyro with the neon annihilator
    pyro_phlog - Phlogistinator pyro
    pyro_powerjack - Powerjack pyro (melee-restricted)
    scout_cleaver - Guillotine scouts
    scout_cola - Crit a cola scouts OR soda popper scouts
    scout_fanowar - Melee-restricted fan o war scouts
    scout_milk - Mad milk scout (usually spams mad milk)
    scout_sunstick - Sun on a stick scout
    sniper_bushwacka - Melee-restricted bushwacka sniper
    sniper_camper - Cozy camper sniper
    sniper_flame - Sniper that ignites their player on hit
    sniper_huntsman_bleed - Huntsman that causes the victim to bleed
    soldier_bison - Bison soldier
    soldier_directhit - Direct hit soldier
    soldier_directhit_spammer - Direct hit spammer soldier
    soldier_disciplinary - Disciplinary action melee-restricted soldier
    soldier_dumpster - Beggar's bazooka soldier
    soldier_equalizer - Equalizer melee-restricted soldier
    soldier_escape - Escape plan soldier (warning - marked for death and can move really fast at low HP!)
    soldier_mangler - Cow mangler soldiers
    soldier_rocketrain - Soldier that shoots a rain of rockets (cannot aim)
    soldier_stun - Rocket specialist soldier
    soldier_stun_spammer - Rapidfire rocket specialist soldier
    spy_kunai - Kunai or heal-on-kill spy


    Additional Icons:

    demo_atomic - (arbitrary - use it for a very explosive or spammer demoman)
    demo_skullcutter - Skullcutter demoman
    demoknight_charge - Claid demoknight
    demoknight_fire - Very insanely rapid charging demoknight
    heavy_healonkill - Heal on kill heavy (usually minigun)
    pyro_airblast - Airblasting pyro
    pyro_axtinguisher - Melee axtinguisher pyro
    pyro_fireaxe - Melee pyro
    pyro_thirddegree - Third degree melee pyro
    scout_bostonbasher - Boston Basher melee scout


    How To Use:

    You can use a class icon on your robot by writing:

    ClassIcon <icon name>

    in your pop file on the template definition of your robot.
    For example, if you wanted to use the bullet vaccinator icon, you can write:

    ClassIcon medic_bullet // normal robot


    ClassIcon medic_bullet_giant // giant robot

    It is recommended to suffix all icon names with "_giant" if you're using them on a giant robot.
    While not required, this can prevent stacking bugs with the wave preview on the HUD if you do so.

    The value supplied to "ClassIcon" is the vmt (NOT the vtf) filename, with "leaderboard_class_" removed and ".vmt" removed.