Fracture A7

Mining Madness

  1. 14bit
    Here's stage one of my multistage payload I've been planning for a while! Stage one is mostly outside, stage two will be inside the mine, and stage three will be a mix of both.

    This might end up being an entry to Assym2 if I'm happy with it when the contest ends.

    Feedback is always appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to look at my map!


    1. hl2_2017-10-06_00-05-18.jpg
    2. hl2_2017-10-06_00-05-53.jpg
    3. hl2_2017-10-06_00-06-13.jpg
    4. hl2_2017-10-06_00-06-41.jpg
    5. hl2_2017-10-06_00-46-41.jpg
    6. hl2_2017-10-06_00-08-35.jpg