72hr Jam 2022 Decloak a4a

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72hr Jam 2022 Decloak a4a

A remake of a map that was a remake of a gamemode swap of a Valve map.

This is a remake of my first map, sd_cloak. Sd_cloak was a remake of an unreleased map I made that I also named sd_cloak. That sd_cloak was a combination of "cloak" and "cp_cloak", both of which were Valve made maps.

Lost? Good. Me too.


Out in Midwest America, deep in an unnamed forest, there is an abandoned Mann Co. base. In this Mann Co base, there is a rocket, filled with precious information. We don't want anyone blowing it up. That's why you're going to blow it up.
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 4A : Longs story short, "update your plugins."

    Re-uploaded to the server.
  2. Alpha 4: That's it. I'm done.

    No more updates for this map until after the jam. I'm done for now. ----- - Greatly extended the map - Reduced bomb cooldown to 10 seconds (from 15) - Reduced bomb setup to 15 seconds (from 45) - Moved back the spawns and rebuilt them - Fixed...
  3. Alpha 3 : You've made an enemy this day, Vide.

    VIDE isn't packing models. Odd. - Fixed missing textures and models - Replaced smaller rocket and clamp with much larger rocket - Reworked capture zone. You now have to put the bomb on the rocket - Fixed BLU not being able to leave their...