Canyon b1a

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Canyon b1a

Fight over a large orb in a pipe-filled desert canyon!

Make sure you set 'sv_allow_point_servercommand' to 'always' so the pipeballs are easier to push!

Custom Content and Special Thanks
- @FGD5, for the More Barrel Crates
- @Rexy, for the Tom Cruise Cutout
- @The Asylum, for creating the original Pipeball maps and logic help
- @Box Of Paper, for logic help
- @Flipy, for their motivational initial reactions during the AF gameday
First release
Last update
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Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. B1A: Squashing a single bug before returning to not-mapping

    This is just a quick bug-fix update since I recently had an epiphany on how to fix a bug with the new PD-based logic (the epiphany is to turn off the "causes a bug" setting). Not all of the changes made have been tested, but they should work! If...
  2. B1: You Beta Believe It!

    OVERALL - Slightly lowered the phys_pushscale multiplier, from 10 to 9 - Finished detailing the map, although I might've missed a spot or two. Please point them out! - Adjusted pickup sizes and locations MID - Replaced the alcove-side security...
  3. Badlands-ier Edition!

    There are a few visual bugs in this version (such as visible nodraw "holes" and non-sewn displacements near the rock arch and texture misalignments in the spawn rooms) but since these are minor and shouldn't affect gameplay I'll leave them in...

Latest reviews

Love what you've done with the Pipeball formula, even if it is kind of small. Good for small teams, I would imagine.