special delivery

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  1. LizardOfOz

    sd_bomb_rugby a5

    A close quarters map with 3 main routes where you have to deliver a bomb (flag) which spawns at the center to the enemy base.
  2. Brokkhouse

    Vacuum a7a

    Earth's Australium is depleted. RED and BLU found more in space, but it already has an owner. Escape before Cthulhu rises! Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! Cthulhu fhtagn! This map features not one, not three, but TWO doomsday lifts, one for each team. Take the enemy Australium and bring it to your...
  3. Phe

    sd_phe_mc22_a1 a1

    For the microcontest 22, i accidentally named the bsp pd_ instead of sd_ ignore that lol
  4. Rhamkin

    sd_Bigleaf a1a

  5. Conga Lyne

    Conga Lyne Microcontest 21 (Launch90) A1

    A vertical Special Delivery map made for MicroContest 21 (512/1024). I went for the bonus objective and had the australium spawn on top of the rocket launch pad 512 hu above it. Unfortunately this left me in a rough spot for the rocket placement, particularly the launch pad; which now moves 90...
  6. P-4rio

    spookypie a1

  7. Ismaciodismorphus

    Tiftid's Dream a1

    Credit to @Tiftid for creating this idea with their brain mind powers
  8. Tiftid

    sd_tiftid_mc20 _a1b

    An unremarkable SD map. Uses the same gamemode logic as sd_nowhere, but keeps the point behind closed doors until it's ready to be captured. I barely put any thought into its gameplay, and I felt bad about that, so I tried to compensate by making it as beautiful as I could. In a 2004 sort of...
  9. Zorb

    1984 a1

    First attempt at a symmetrical map, set in a dystopian-urban hybrid theme Credit for the tons of custom content used: @Yrr's Jump Pad Prefabs @Fault in Maps's Special Delivery Gamemode Prefab The London Pack Frontline! Pack
  10. Rhamkin

    sd_rhamkin a3

    hope yall enjoy this
  11. zythe_

    offload a5

    ride the train to the enemy base to win! layout and design: @zythe_ logic: @leezo custom assets: modular railroad tracks by @Gadget more vehicles pack by @FGD5 created for the 18th microcontest hosted by @14bit being finished for the spring cleaning marathon hosted by @Suna
  12. 14bit

    14bit MC18 A1

    After years of thinking, I finally managed to come up with a layout for an SD map that isn't just Doomsday Again. I also did that thing where there's low buildings with accessible roofs again that I've been doing recently. idk I just think it's neat. Probably too small.
  13. Fault in Maps

    Special Delivery - Elevator (No Rocket) Gamemode Prefab 2021-08-17

    As great as the ABS prefabs are, I felt the Special Delivery prefab was lacking. I feel SD_Doomsday works well because it mixes CP and CTF by forcing the flag carrier to hold a point for some time. ABS doesn't have this 'hold,' instead giving the player a free win on cap. Great for Invade CTF...
  14. wolfcl0ck

    sd_warehouse A020

    sd_warehouse is a special delivery map, the current version I am releasing having been done in 7 hours. In this map, which I'm currently calling warehouse, teams have to bring the australium into said warehouse, then bring it down into "the pit," which will activate the large door at the end of...
  15. Frupcup™

    sd_fiji A1

    On a remote Fijian island, RED and BLU battle yet again to launch Poopy Joe to the Moon! Will you take in the lavish scenery? Perish inside a volcano? Desecrate the local temple? Perhaps all three! Tropical hijinks await you on sd_fiji! Thanks for checking out my map! This is its first...
  16. Le Codex

    Codex_M14 A3a

    A map made for Microcontest 14: Trains. The theme was to make a map with a train hazard. The bonus was to make a map with the train being part of the objective. So I did the only logical thing and mashed together Banana Bay (or Cactus Canyon) with Special Delivery. In this map, you will be...
  17. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Arrival a5

    Enclosed trainyard where you have to blow up enemy's train while protecting your own. Bomb is located at the center of the map. Once it's picked up, opposite team has their train arrive at one of three random locations - Loading zone, Overpass and Metro. To plant a bomb, cap a point with it...
  18. Tiftid

    Snail A3C

    *Screenshots are currently outdated A traditional SD map - like sd_doomsday. The elevator is below the Australium, with the intention of it being easy to rotate from the Australium to the point, but harder to go back, and also with the intention of making the point a less desirable place to be...
  19. Ismaciodismorphus

    Special Delivery Bomb pit prefab 2021-01-11

    Bomb pit as used in sd_rackination includes notes on what the entities do
  20. Mandrew - Wonderland_War

    sd_powerhouse Beta 1

    This is a Special Delivery version of cp_powerhouse. I have restored the unused area in the way I think it should be. Your team must take the australium to your base and then launch your team's rocket.