Pipeball Prefab v1

Blast back to 2010 and make your own Pipeball map, using nearly all of the original logic!

  1. SnickerPuffs
    Pipeball is a custom gamemode created by @The Asylum back in 2010. Around June of last year, I got the idea to make my own map using this custom gamemode, so I reached out to the creator. Against all odds, he responded and provided a copy of the original VMF!

    Nearly one year later, and while I still haven't finished my own map, I've extracted and tweaked the logic to make a prefab!

    - A setup reminiscent of the original map!
    - The original Pipeball logic, with a few added tweaks!
    ---- Audio cue when the ball spawns (PASS Time Whistle)
    ---- Ball-exclusive clipping, allowing map-makers to better control where the ball can or can't go
    - A few info_null notes, explaining a few sections of logic

    - The Asylum, for creating the gamemode and sharing the original VMF with me
    - @Box Of Paper, for making an alternate logic that you can check out here


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    Version: v1
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