72hr jam

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  1. Startacker!

    Soft Reset [mvm_zythe72hr Mission] V1A

    Advanced difficulty, low money amount per wave, 8 waves.
  2. Startacker!

    Boring A1

    Boring is a standard MvM map set on a cliffside in [Country]. Very rough right now, very boring! Includes mission maker txt file. CUSTOM CONTENT! Forklift - FGD5
  3. pivotman319

    Control Point Hologram Particles Version 1

    Give your Control Point map some additional flair with these nifty little hologram and capture particles, complete with example VMF and BSP sources. Particle list: cp_capturered cp_captureblu cp_captureneutral
  4. Daddy Leon

    Medic 2022-07-23

    - They really want is attention, doc
  5. Lo-fi Longcat

    Voxelised Health and Ammo Pickups 1

    For this year's jam I decided to voxelise something more iconic and important for TF2, the health and ammo pickups! As always, had a super fun time with this and can't wait for next jam! :)
  6. «Ckatar»

    Meet the TG1 Team! (or DEBIL TEAM) 2022-07-23

    Yes, I decided to pose for our last team. I decided to give in to our old memories. For the first time we decided to go to the TF2 competitive league in 4vs4 mode. As it turned out, everything was not as sweet as it was thought. We were getting crushing defeats because half of the team was...
  7. mokky

    ★ Unusual Effect: Jimi Jammed! [72hr Jam]

    Have some fun in the sun with a jamtastic new unusual effect! Workshop Link Made by Mokky and Tired Swiss
  8. sour dani

    unbox.tf - DigiCase

    unbox.tf is a Discord based unboxing simulator! We have been developing the bot for about a year now and for the 72hr Jam we decided to bring that joy to life with a toy in time for Christmas! The items unboxed are actually added to your profile via our database server! We use Discord's API to...
  9. r0nii

    Scorch shot but in different variants modpack v1

    Entry for tf2maps.net 72jam 2021 Made the weapon because i think this weapon is overpowered comparing other weapons and i had the history of equalizer and escape plan in mind. I had in mind to create second scorch shot and split the stats. So i've created few scorch shot variants (no stats were...
  10. Aberdeen

    Scout Loadout 2021-12-19

    Ahhh, not the bees!
  11. pivotman319

    The Spytech Chronicles 2021-12-18

    Demo and Spy work together to prevent and investigate who is behind a series of nuclear attacks in the Badlands. Custom assets used: Enhanced TF2 MVM Bot Models by NeoDement Suited Demoman by SedimentarySocks Enhanced Spy by Alaxe Frontline Supply Drop (Part 1) by donhonk, SedimentarySocks...
  12. sour dani

    Kemuri War Paint 2020-09-06

    Another War Paint for all to enjoy! My second Jam Submission this year. What can I say I like collabs! Replaces the Bloom Buffed War Paint. Upvote on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2221657778 Primary Texture by Cicada88: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Cicada88...
  13. zandergb

    Beware! LEGO MONOCULUS! is lurking about... 2020-09-06

    Made in Lego Digital Designer.
  14. Hurricane Pootis

    Drunken Pipe Bomb Bass Cover 1

    This is a cover of Drunken Pipe Bomb on Bass Guitar The video can be found here I recorded it on a 1997 Fender P Bass Special California Edition, with Audacity, and the video was put together with Blender. The original soundtrack and music was produced and written by Valve Studio Orchestra...
  15. 『Corcairghorm』

    CTF_The_Burg 1.0.2

    The RED and BLU have had recent renovations to their homes with the help of the Administrator winning a lottery ticket and only using an 1/8 of it to help out. Some parts of the house are still being renovated but that wont stop the team from enjoying a good grill! Engineer. Heavy, and Medic...
  16. JayradTheFox

    Foxxo Jam (Mad Milk Mod for 72Hr Jam) 2019-08-05

    Ever wanted to throw jam at your enemies? Well you're in luck! Starting from today, you shall be able to throw the jam accumulated the past 72 hrs to overthrow your enemies! Just a small weapon mod... Learning how to get the glass done right was annoying, even then it's still pretty bad...
  17. Utfel

    Red,Blue and Burn Captain 2019-08-04

    Its a collage with TF2 heroes. Here I portrayed robots from operation "two cities".And on this picture you can see my sweet dream, its a burn captain unusual hat :D. I use pictures from internet and photoshop.
  18. Mazata

    A random poster of randomness 2019-08-03

    This is my entry for the 72hr summer jam! I didnt have that much time to do anything for this jam, so I decided to make a poster filled with stuff that suddenly pops up in my mind as I'm working on it. And this is the final result. Hope you like it! The poster took around 5 hours to make as I...
  19. Creeper

    bruh #1 2019-08-03

  20. bkadag

    Garrys Mod Poop for medal) p.s. Andryuha in the backstage xd 2019-08-02

    sry for quality)