72hr Decloak a4a

A remake of a map that was a remake of a gamemode swap of a Valve map.

  1. Alpha 4A : Longs story short, "update your plugins."

    Re-uploaded to the server.
  2. Alpha 4: That's it. I'm done.

    No more updates for this map until after the jam. I'm done for now.


    - Greatly extended the map
    - Reduced bomb cooldown to 10 seconds (from 15)
    - Reduced bomb setup to 15 seconds (from 45)
    - Moved back the spawns and rebuilt them
    - Fixed BLU spawn not having respawnvisualizers or working resupply cabinets
    - Added another exit from spawn
    - Reworked radio tower building. It is now much larger, and no longer has a radio tower
    - Fixed not being able to see the capture point from all sides...
  3. Alpha 3 : You've made an enemy this day, Vide.

    VIDE isn't packing models. Odd.

    - Fixed missing textures and models
    - Replaced smaller rocket and clamp with much larger rocket
    - Reworked capture zone. You now have to put the bomb on the rocket
    - Fixed BLU not being able to leave their spawnroom
    - Removed top and cave spawnrooms
    - Made the capture point glow
    - Other misc changes

    To do next version
    - Add custom content?
    - Rework radio tower building
    - Start detailing
    - Fix bug with capture zone glow.
  4. Alpha 2: 72 hours, and 72 reasons why you should try this map out

    - Reworked spawn rooms. Now only 2 players on each team spawn near the bomb. The other spawn forward.
    - Reduced both teams respawn times to 7 (from 20).
    - Added a small buffer to the cave spawn rooms
    - Removed second announcer voice clip (The Austalium will be the austrailium will be...)


    To do next version:
    - Add jimijam jars
    - Improve cave design
    - Add light detailing