CTF_Twin_Factories a3_2

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CTF_Twin_Factories a3_2

Two factories with a watermill in the center of each. Intel on the top floor.

Two factories with a watermill in the center of each. Intel on the top floor. Gazebo in the between the two in the courtyard.

I feel like I've seen this in a commercial or something.

My goal for this is to not add art until there are no complaints. That's how level design works.
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Latest updates

  1. quick change

    The river now has a displacement More tires and axels on trucks More boxes and ramps to get more jumping in
  2. New Outside

    I'm trying this layout for the outside courtyard and trailer loading bay: the loading bay is in front now, goodbye fashionable front entrance. the gazebo is on an elevated landing in between the two buildings is now a (WIP) river a third...
  3. Cut the Second Floor

    I knew this map was going to be hated so thanks for your input. The factories are now wider and are only two floors with the respawn in higher. There are now walls around the map border. No fence in-between factories. The steel grid texture...