capture the flag

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  1. Diamondbacc

    ctf_rockwater a3

    After playing on the map "rock2" in Team Fortress Classic, I decided to remake it in Team Fortress 2. This unique Capture the Flag map requires players to retrieve the intelligence from the enemy's intelligence room and take it to that team's computer terminal, rather than back to their own...
  2. Bottom feeder

    Multi Stage SpecialDeliveryRace_Hightower sdr_hightower GOAL: Push neutral flag up enemy lift. 3x to win. Mini crits on capture. "map workshop/3135934019" in console
  3. joemcjoeson

    How do I change the Model & Trail of the Intel/Flag in CTF?

    Howdy, I've been working on a CTF map where the two Teams cap Cleaning Supplies instead of the Intel. How can I change the Model and Trail Effect of the Intel? (Preferably to models\props_2fort\mop_and_bucket.mdl, the 2Fort Mop & Bucket Model) Please, and thank you :D
  4. Puo_

    ctf_Naxer_Lab_b1 b1

    Ctf_naxer_lab is a capture the flag map made by me(Puo_) Hope you guys like it!
  5. Emil_Rusboi

    Well Snowy b4

    2 toy making factories decided to steal toy making secrets from each other on the eve of christmas Phe - Original artpass Emil - Re-artpass help Nat-Tea - Workshop specific models Stuffy - Mid rework and christmas decoration models Sono - Misc. help KrazyZark - Snow cover models
  6. KatwithaKinit

    Blamo-Wamo a2

    Shazamo. Random name cuz idk. Hopefully good. Capture the Flag.
  7. EmojiPlay

    ctf_process a1

    "Man, I want to play my favourite map cp_process_final... and capture the flag at the same time... but I can't!" -Some Player Well now you can! Introducing ctf_process! It's still cp_process_final you all know and love, but it's ctf so the rounds go for forever. All credits go to original map...
  8. The Duck

    72hr Jam 2023 CTF_2COMPANY a1

    2Fort inspired ctf map made in around a day. 1 Above ground area, 1 underground area that connects both back parts of the bases with the flag in them, one middle area. Feedback is always appreciated
  9. Venesis

    Facility 0.2.0

    This is my first map and it is an indoors one. The map takes place in a Mann Co. warehouse where both Red team and Blu team will try to sneak each other's intelligences in the delivery trucks. Have fun.
  10. Ponds34

    Capture the Flag Badlands Alpha 1

    Koth_badlands turned into a capture the flag map and minor changes to the layout
  11. LazyReggie

    CTF_2_walls_1_tower_a1 A1

    This is my very first map. I'm pretty proud of it so far.
  12. AlrexX [she/they]

    CTF Downstream

    AlrexX submitted a new resource: Downstream - Capture the Flag map set in a quiet forest creek. Read more about this resource...
  13. AlrexX [she/they]

    Downstream RC3

    View: Deep in the forests of Silver Creek, we find a quaint little river amidst forgotten old industrial buildings. Here, RED and BLU each have crucial intel on... something. Maybe the creek's water has special properties? Who knows what these numbnuts are up to...
  14. Roboto

    [PF2] Trehaban v2

    5 Days of straight work. Probably never to be used on any server.
  15. TurquoiseLeaf

    Shipyard b2

    Located in a shipyard with a canal splitting it in the middle, both teams must protect the intelligence while fighting for the enemy's. This map favors aggressive plays as each base is massive and hard to defend. Spawns are close to mid to keep the action going while still providing easy access...
  16. Will Alfred

    ctf_hideaway b1_2

    temporary download
  17. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Doomtrain MC24 a1

    Made for Microcontest 24: Two Wishes A very simple CTF map where a drawbridge at mid opens when the intel is picked up, and closes when it's returned or capped! Assets used: London Pack
  18. TheFluffycart

    ctf_thefluffycart_mc24_a1 a1a

    Part of the MC24 (Two WIshes) contest, this map was made in 16 hours in accordance to two requests made by a user. Below are all the requests, and the ones that were completed: A/D - X Has a train hazard - ✓ Must contain a certain prop (Check Image for list) - ✓ (Technically it's there) CTF - ✓...
  19. Ponds34

    Ctf_lockdown_a1 A1

    A compact capture the flag map with close counter esc fighting with gameplay similar to ctf_tifid
  20. Gismo Gaming

    ctf_nile Beta 2 - Revert and Reverb

    Blu and Red have gained digging rights underneath two opposing pyramids. Upon digging, the teams uncovered a curious artifact. Turns out the artifact is cursed and, with no better way to dispose of the cursed artifact, the teams decide to dump their cursed artifacts in the opposing teams' dig...