CTF_Twin_Factories a3_2

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  • The river now has a displacement
  • More tires and axels on trucks
  • More boxes and ramps to get more jumping in
I'm trying this layout for the outside courtyard and trailer loading bay:
  • the loading bay is in front now, goodbye fashionable front entrance.
  • the gazebo is on an elevated landing
  • in between the two buildings is now a (WIP) river
  • a third entrance was made on the far side of the building.
  • a front entrance for the map was made with the gate ajar and two trucks fighting to get in (kind of like in a commercial I think)

this is just one idea for an exterior. I could make a whole new one just to test.
I knew this map was going to be hated so thanks for your input.
  • The factories are now wider and are only two floors with the respawn in higher.
  • There are now walls around the map border.
  • No fence in-between factories.
  • The steel grid texture ramps from the second floor replace the ramps from the first floor for more open space.
  • The brushes that looked like fences on those ramps are now walls.
  • There's also more light and a new texture for the wheel.


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