Obscurity a8

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Obscurity a8

A huge sand pile, in between two large towers that cast huge shadows.

This is my first map. I've been inspired to work on this after Array's map-making video and UEAKCrash's videos.

The capture point is in between two large towers that cast huge shadows. Four ramps lead up a hill with the cap. This map is pretty small, with the spawn room door being just visible from the cap point. There are barriers for both teams to use. Players can take the high ground or through the towers.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Anniversary Update

    Surprise, I'm back. What could I have possible do to improve Obscurity? A lot. + Increased size of center point + Replaced rock cover around point with dirt piles to provide more cover from sight lines + Area portal and hints to optimize (wish...
  2. Update Polished for Portfolio

    Update: New Displaced Canyon Busted a hole in the wall of the second floor for quicker drop-in Smaller health and ammo packs More crates (thus less space) on elevated platform/engine's favorite building spot Edit/add boards to windows Edit...
  3. Wake me up when September ends

    Update: Am I done yet? : Building walls are thinner Building frames and support beams added for fanciness Displacement rebuild again now that I know about the vector tool Walls are put up where purposely unclimbable displacements were The map's...