cp_woodhill b3

2CP Attack/defense map for the connect 5 challenge, wood factory at night.

  1. layout and aesthetics changes

    • New layout around central point
      • Mid spawn now have two exits and automatic doors
      • There is a new tunnel between blu pit and mid point
      • A LOT less saws
      • More covers, less long sightlines
      • Passages that goes under the point
    • Lighting and details reworked
      • Less 255 255 255 200 lights
      • Sewer tunnel is not carved anymore, and is smoother
      • point_spotlights !
      • More decals
      • Ceiling props
      • Slightly less "woodhill" decals
    • Changed...
  2. D-day update: soundscapes, details

    The final update of the map before the submission for the contest
  3. J-3 update: Custom decals

    I added some custom textures, hope I packed them correctly.
    The map is getting good at the right rate.
  4. J-4 update: Detailing and lights

    Hey, just making a small update focused on cosmetics, I am going to makean intensive work on my map the next few days left.
  5. Lots of new textures and detailing

    Hi guys, I have been busy lately but I added a lot of textures to my map.
    This is mostly a cosmetic update.


    Also, here is he fourth episode of the devlog of this map:
  6. [update] lateFeb2017

    - Started basic texturing
    - modelling context
    - Improved lightning at the starting area