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Feb 16, 2017
cp_woodhill - 2CP Attack/defense map for the connect 5 challenge, wood factory at night.

Hi everyone, I am making this map for the connect 5 challenge.


My map is a wood factory at night, it is a 2CP attack/defense.

It contains sawblades, development textures, a deadly water current, and much more in the times to come.


View attachment 71144
Blu team spawns on the right and must go through the wall on the left

View attachment 71147
First capture point above a deadly water current (notices the numerous blades)

View attachment 71148
Last CP

View attachment 71145
The different roads available after the first capture point

View attachment 71146
Wall of blades !

This map is too dull, I know, I haven't worked a lot on lightning.

I am also making a vlog (english subtitles) to show the advancement of my map. Feel free to subscribe. I will also publish the new videos in reply to this topic.

Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwdFMEcRoBxfw98CQl9cRDWuY9u8z083z&disable_polymer=true


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Feb 16, 2017
===Dev logs (french audio, english subtitles)===

Presentation video:

Dev log #1

Dev log #2

Dev log #3

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Feb 16, 2017
  • New layout around central point
    • Mid spawn now have two exits and automatic doors
    • There is a new tunnel between blu pit and mid point
    • A LOT less saws
    • More covers, less long sightlines
    • Passages that goes under the point
  • Lighting and details reworked
    • Less 255 255 255 200 lights
    • Sewer tunnel is not carved anymore, and is smoother
    • point_spotlights !
    • More decals
    • Ceiling props
    • Slightly less "woodhill" decals
  • Changed round timers from 5min + 7 to 8min + 7
In the next version, I am going to make a better big sign and add some more custom decals.

20180525205051_1.jpg 20180525205134_1.jpg 20180525205152_1.jpg

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