cp_woodhill a1

2CP Attack/defense map for the connect 5 challenge, wood factory at night.

  1. onra77
    Hi everyone, I am making this map for the connect 5 challenge.


    My map is a wood factory at night, it is a 2CP attack/defense.

    It contains sawblades, development textures, a deadly water current, and much more in the times to come.


    Blu team spawns on the right and must go through the wall on the left

    First capture point above a deadly water current (notices the numerous blades)

    Last CP

    The different roads available after the first capture point

    Wall of blades !

    This map is too dull, I know, I haven't worked a lot on lightning.

    I am also making a vlog (english subtitles) to show the advancement of my map. Feel free to subscribe. I will also publish the new videos in reply to this topic.

    Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwdFMEcRoBxfw98CQl9cRDWuY9u8z083z&disable_polymer=true