Cliffside A8

Capture and control a system of caves on the side of a cliff.

  1. Alpha 8: Unnecessary Detailing

    Da Spud Lord
    Did a small bit of unnecessary detailing and retexturing, cuz I was bored and I lost most of the feedback from the IMP. We played A7 on the EU server, but it didn't get saved to the feedback section. In fact, new maps appear to have totally stopped appearing in the feedback section. Is there a bug with feedback?
    -Fixed an improperly flipped light and light prop on Blu's side
    -Made the outdoor wall-mounted light props nonsolid
    -Expanded the balcony space in the second floor of each team's...
  2. Alpha 7

    Da Spud Lord
    -Reduced the medium ammo packs in the shack next to the point into small ammo packs
    -Reduced the large ammo pack into a medium ammo pack
    -Turned the small health pack next to the point into two small health packs
    -Func_detailed some stuff
    -Lowered the point a bit
    -Fixed some unrotated textures that looked weird
    -Applied some team-colored wood textures to each team's battlements building
    -The drop to get to the basement from the point has now been replaced with a 2-way ramp
    -Moved the ammo in...
  3. Alpha 6

    Da Spud Lord
    -Shifted the one-way gate on each team's side closer to the edge
    -Fixed z-fighting by two brushes next to the cliff
    -Deleted an unnecessary nodraw brush outside of the map
    -Rebuilt the area outside of spawn and reworked the flank routes near the cliff
    -Changed the 2D skybox to sky_trainyard_01 (previously sky_morningsnow_01)
    -Removed the pillar next to the control point
    -Widened the area around the control point
    Overview of the control point....
  4. Alpha 5

    Da Spud Lord
    -Rebuilt the entire map from the ground up, replacing rock textures with dev textures
    -Replaced the rock textures with dev textures
    -Added a rock pillar next to the point
    -Further elevated the drop on the flank next to the point to prevent players from spamming onto the point
    -Removed unnecessary parts of the skybox
    -Added a room, small health and medium ammo pack under each team's building
    -Added a slight balcony in the mid cave area between each team's spawn and the point, with small...
  5. Alpha 4: Finally ready for testing

    Da Spud Lord
    Okay, NOW I'm finally ready to have the map tested.
    -Added proper lighting in the caves
    -Added light props in the caves
    -Removed a brush outside of the playable space
    -Added arrows directing players where to go
  6. Alpha 3: Brand New Layout

    Da Spud Lord
    So I decided that I didn't like the design of the cave system too much, mainly because it favored a single route to the point and neglected the building on each team's side. So I redesigned the entire cave system from the ground up. I started over from my A1 version and deleted all of the caves, so most of the changes in A2 have ben lost. I'll re-add those things, as well as further refine the map to get it ready for testing, in A4. Unfortunately, this update also brings with it a new bug-...
  7. Alpha 2: Things I should have included in the initial release

    Da Spud Lord
    Just a small update containing a few things I wanted to add before I submitted the map for testing, as well as a couple other improvements.
    -Added arrows directing players where to go
    -Fixed an alignment problem with the battlements fences on Blu's side
    -Marked areas that cannot be reached with nodraw
    -Shrunk the skybox in areas that cannot be reached
    -Replaced the "Invisible" tool textures with "Clip" textures
    -Fixed some overlapping brushes causing overlapping textures
    -Added a cubemap