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  1. Mugenman88

    Earthquake a14

    A first for me, mirror symmetrical and features a large pit near the cap, with a health pack as a temptation
  2. Void

    Assorted Cave Assets V1

    Assorted assets to make cave stuff, as seen in Lazarus, Slasher, Monster Bash, etc. Also includes underworld cobblestone and fall oak skycards as seen in Slasher. And waterfalls. And prefabs for the mushrooms. Game On, Void
  3. T

    Making a larger cave map

    I am making a pretty big cave map thats completely underground and I've made 2/3 of the spawns. This is my first map and I'm used to dealing with 3d modeling software because I spend alot of time working in blender. Anyhow I have a few questions. I have modeled the first 3rd of the map in cube...
  4. Ivan's Cheat Engine

    KingHill A1

    Hello there! I did it! My first alpha version of my first map for TF2! Previously, I only made one map for CSS and I also made maps for CS 1.6. They were so-so, but I like them! It is unlikely that this map will be a good one. I think that soon I will have to apologize to everyone who played on...
  5. Lars

    cp_grottenblitz a6

    A Steel like CP map. Goodday everyone and welcome to my third map. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Indigo AM roadkill

    Multi Stage pl_nightrain a13

    The map's main feature is its division into four separate designs between each capture point. The first is an upward-style open badlands area The second is a crowded refinery/factory with multiple suspended platforms The third is a tunnel-like cave area with large death pits The final is...
  7. Cindycomma

    Cenote A1

    Somewhere in Mexico, the mercs fight for some lame rocks around a cenote Alpha 1 Screenshots As always, comments and feedback are appreciated!
  8. skaz_

    cp_nullabor A4a

    5cp map I'm no longer working on. Was good for getting my footing in hammer but beyond that its just a really really really shit map I have no idea where this map is set
  9. TheFluffycart

    KoTH Mine a2

    Have you ever wanted to play a map so bad and unfair, that's it's funny? Then here is this dumpster fire for your enjoyment. This is a WIP map, and for ghits and shiggles, I slapped a point in, and released this. The main point is to see the theme, and get opinions
  10. DrDapper

    pl_Launch_rem V2

    primarily cave based
  11. onra77

    loot_diamondmine a6

    This map is a prototype for my custom gamemode : loot. A mix between player destruction and neutral CTF. In Loot, your objective is to gather diamonds in the cave, and bring them to the train. The first team to 80 points wins.
  12. samjooma

    pl_descend a4

    A payload map with 4 control points. When blue team captures control point A, the cart is lowered into a cave with an elevator. Blue spawn: Control point A: Path from blue spawn into the cave: The cave between A and B: Control point B: Path to control point C: Control...
  13. zythe_

    Cliffhanger a1

    [PROJECT ABANDONED] The only way for the teams to get the supplys for goldmining and all the other stuff up the cliff wall is with a crane with a platform. Due to the fact that there is only one crane they decided to fight over it.
  14. AxioMr

    Cavern b7f

    Cavern is being created for the Major Contest #15: Payload Checklist Contest I am helped by this fine gentleman: [x] PAYLOAD CROSSES HAZARD. [x] PAYLOAD CROSSES OVER OWN PATH. [x] PAYLOAD GOES STRAIGHT FOR 1,500 UNITS. [x]...
  15. AxioMr

    Cavern b6

    Cavern is being created for the Major Contest #15: Payload Checklist Contest I am helped by this fine gentleman: [x]PAYLOAD CROSSES HAZARD. [x] PAYLOAD CROSSES OVER OWN PATH. [x] PAYLOAD GOES STRAIGHT FOR 1,500 UNITS. [x]...
  16. Captain Cactus

    Tunnelvision a2

    I had this Idea since before I started using hammer and now I've finally made it. I feel like I may have gone overboard with the death pits.
  17. Scampi

    Med-evil Junction (WIP) 2018-09-25

    A medieval remake of junction that will have spells, the wheel of doom, and layout improvements. Part of the map will have a cavern/dungeon theme, while the other will be more open. The current version is technically playable, but the undetailed areas are without light, so don't bother. Take a...
  18. Flareblood

    cp_underland_a1 cp_underland_a1_fix

    My first map. I know it sucks, but I'm hoping to get some feedback from the official TF2Maps server on how I can do better. I'm mostly trying to get a feel for the design of the map (and also how Hammer works), then I'll try out detailing.
  19. savvaisnotagirlolbbq

    Zhuanguo B9

    Zhuanguo, or 'Brick Country' is my entry for the Connect 5 contest! This map has an interesting layout where the control point it north from the middle, and the winner of the control point spawn close to it while the losers spawn south and must attack from 5 different areas. Made with the...
  20. AlphaOwl

    Mine Cave A2

    A simple forestry cave themed King of the Hill Map. Currently a WIP, but most map designs are permanent. Please leave feedback and changes you'd like to see to the map. It's my first proper map, so I thought I'd show it. Thanks!