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  1. the grongle

    koth_obryva a4

    The Grongle has finally entered the mapping scene for real. This is a KOTH map set on a cliff, so expect airblast-happy pyro players to try to push you off the control point.
  2. MisterMaker_71

    Dirtrock a1

    Dirtrock is my first map and is a desert theamed map where BLU pushes the cart throu buildings and over briges.
  3. Emil_Rusboi

    Hot and Cold Emil v1

    Somewhere distant, in the area of active volcanic activity, lands of lava rivers and rocky mountains and cliffs, you will find base of RED operations, as well as BLU hideout.
  4. Dasprucegoose

    Freckle a3a

    An innovative payload map, featuring a circular layout that provides a completely new gameplay experience. Originally made for the Grizzly Berry 10-Day Contest, what is now essentially a V2 completely overhauls the layout, while still feeling familiar, and aiming to fix many of the flaws of the...
  5. Sympuppy

    Douglas a1

    Douglas is a single stage A/D map set in the forests of the Rocky Mountains. I don't have a story for it yet!
  6. AlrexX [she/they]

    Multi Stage Ironcliff S1A4a

    Haven't made an A/D style layout in a while lol. Rock cliff texture by Zeus.
  7. Koye

    Cliff A0.5

    Throw a bomb off a cliff!
  8. zythe_

    zythehouse a1

    despite what the name of this map might suggest, this is not actually my house, though i kinda wish it was...
  9. Clone5184

    Snowy Cliff A1

    I think this is the most sense one of my map names has ever made. A King of the Hill map that takes place on, well, a snowy cliff! Features a number of different routes to take, some more dangerous than others.
  10. BadassCook

    KOTH Westcliff A3

  11. Dovahbilly

    Pilfer A3

    A work in progress King of the Hill map, featuring a control point with two levels, set in a water processing facility. Run underneath to stop those capturing up top, fire down to the bottom platform to destroy those hiding down there, and more! This map is still a work in progress. Check the...
  12. MirScout

    gravebyss A1_002

    Open dev textured wide and with cliffs map reporting! Used: Frontline pack; Arrows pack Birbs Some mumble... dev textures. I cant find dat, forgive me T_T "I love this map." credit: ME
  13. nesman

    Laborde a39b

    I liked the theme of Gorge, which is Alpine, and with that I present to you pl_laborde. A laboratory based on a mountain side.
  14. JaNNN

    Chasm V1

    This is the first map I'm uploading to this site. It's just your usual ctf map, it has a bridge that stretches across to the other team's base and intelligence. Enjoy playing it! (if you do)
  15. n8five484

    Cliffedge A10

    Continuation of Cliffedge originally by basilhs333 and currently adopted by me. Inspired by Cashworks, it takes place at a Brewery at the edge of a cliff. Big thanks for @basilhs333 for creating the map and for letting me adopt it! Link to the original thread.
  16. Luther

    koth_steephill 72hr_a1

    A King of the Hill map on a steephill, this is my 72hr Jam Entry. for now..
  17. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Damway 1.0.0

    MvM map with facility style. And wooden thing in center. Actually, most of the map covered by old tarried lake. Two buildings - old barn and new Facility Control Center - have a bridge between them, which provides way to communicate with Dam water level control center (Red base and upgrade...
  18. fubarFX

    Alpine Rocks, fixed and mirrored! 2019-05-04

    Introducing props_rocks! featuring the rocks from in props_forest and props_mvm in a cleaned up and easy to use format. No more inconsistencies! top quality gravel guaranteed. Cause let's face it, the official collection of models, it doesn't do a great job. Here's a list of issues that this...
  19. Traveling Without Moving

    koth_Moncrief A2

    Moncrief is a Koth map set deep in the southwest desert on a (soon to be) water treatment facility. The map features plenty of open spaces as well as smaller flank routes to get to the other side. At the moment. The map is dev texture hell at the moment with no displacements, which will be...
  20. ZungryWare

    rockwall006 Fixed rc2

    Whoever made this texture originally left all sorts of gross seams. So I'm here to clean up the mess they left! Note that the texture is slightly darker than the original. Hopefully that isn't an issue. Drop the contents of the .zip file into your tf folder.