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Cliffside A8

Capture and control a system of caves on the side of a cliff.

  1. Da Spud Lord
    This is my first serious map. Constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Overview of the control point. Red's side is on the left, Blu's side is on the right.

    From above the shack next to the control point. Red on the right, Blu on the left.

    Behind the shack, next to the control point.

    Inside the shack next to the control point. A small ammo pack rests on each side of the barrier separating the two teams. Red on the left, Blu on the right.

    From inside the cave next to the control point, from Blu's side facing Red's side. Two small health packs rest on either side of the lights.

    Above the control point, facing Red's side.

    Inside Red's building, main floor.

    Inside Red's building, top floor.

    Inside Red's building, basement. A small health pack sits in the corner.

    Behind Red's building, next to the cliff. The upper platform houses a small health pack. In the lower area next to the cliff, a medium ammo pack rests on the left next to the building and a medium health pack rests on the right next to the caves.

    The main section of the caves, Red's side. The small, dark room on the left contains a medium health pack and a large ammo pack. On the right next to the light, a small health and ammo pack rest. Below the camera, another small ammo pack rests.

    The main section of the caves, Red's side, from an alternate angle.

    Just outside Red's spawn.

    The two flank routes leading from the cliff.

    Inside Red's spawn.

    Overview of the map. Red on the right, Blu on the left.
    (Screenshots were last updated in A8)

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  1. Masier_koniak
    Version: A3
    As first map, it's pretty good!