Canale B2


  1. Canale A4

    I'm running out of creative update titles

    Added this door to the house past second that opens when second is capped
    20181201124416_1.jpg Closed up some of the red house 20181201124421_1.jpg Added this ramp 20181201124433_1.jpg Further reduced the cafe's occupancy as well as elevated it a bit 20181201124402_1.jpg Added a new exit for red's first spawn 20181201124321_1.jpg Added little ramps so you dont get caught up underwater 20181201124313_1.jpg Added two new sniper windows for attackers 20181201124332_1.jpg 20181201124338_1.jpg Replaced one of the signs in red's first courtyard with an overlay
    20181201124441_1.jpg Added a crate jump here 20181201124352_1.jpg

    -Removed the blinking missing texture water glitch

    -Added more cover to the bridge near second

    -You no longer get stuck in the cart when it turns

    -You cant faze out of the cart anymore

    -The cart now has a proper outline

    -Increased the carts "distance between wheels" from 10 to 50

    -Made the sewer door at blu's first spawn at the start of the sewer

    -Fixed up some clipping

    -Changed the "backyard" area to an indoors area

    -Replaced the buggy door at last with a brushwork door
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