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  1. Cindycomma

    Cenote A1

    Somewhere in Mexico, the mercs fight for some lame rocks around a cenote Alpha 1 Screenshots As always, comments and feedback are appreciated!
  2. Cindycomma

    Methane A13

    This is pd_garner, but KotH. Why? Because Garner has a very KotH layout, and I want to see how it goes as a KotH map. Criticism and feedback are greatly appreciated!
  3. Cindycomma

    Garner A18

    A Player Destruction map set in a mining facility or something. The main gimmick of the map is that the players are collecting australium from killed enemies. A minecart barrels down middle every once in a while and stops at the designated capture point. Deposit your ingots there!
  4. Cindycomma

    Gulch v1

    This was my first map, I made it in late 2016, this was uploaded mainly for Startacker's First Map Gameday. God help you if you manage to play this... Welcome to hell in the shape of terribly misshapen brushwork
  5. Cindycomma

    Canale B2

    This is my entry in the Payload Checklist Contest, blu is pushing an airboat full of explosives through the canals of Venice to stop red from moving a tugboat full of explosives. I just noticed that RED and BLU both own boats full of explosives. Canale is now on the workshop! Check it out...
  6. Cindycomma

    TF2 Whiteboard Art Thread!

    Hello everyone! I just posted a thread about posting tf2 art on whiteboards! so that just happened. This thread will be for posting whiteboard (or chalkboard, I guess) art for everyone's favorite war-themed hat simulator, with a whiteboard!. Please do not post inappropriate content Here's...
  7. Cindycomma

    Halloween Death Pit Player Screams [Resolved]

    Hello TF2Maps Community! I have yet another kink I need to work out. I'm trying to make a Halloween death pit for a map of mine in progress, but I can't find the sound of the player screaming whilst falling (ex. Ghost Fort, Pit of Death, Snowplow) I would appreciate to know how to do so, and...
  8. Cindycomma

    Highandlow2018 Heronerald final

    It's a very tall building that is still under construction. If you take the elevator you go to the top of the building, and the only way down is falling to your death. Don't touch the glass
  9. Cindycomma

    Engineer bots aren't moving in MVM

    Hello everyone! I'm not too sure why, but whenever I play one of my mvm maps, the engineer bot does nothing. Yes, I used nav_generate, and only the engineer bot doesn't move. Any reason behind this?
  10. Cindycomma

    Mapping Ideas and such

    Hello TF2Maps community! I've come to talk about some map ideas and see what you think of them. This thread will be for mapping Ideas of yours also! Have at it! Here's something I've been thinking about. What if I made a 5CP map where there were no forward spawns? Instead of forward...
  11. Cindycomma

    Flurry RC5

    Flurry is a KotH map made for the Connect 5 mapping contest. It has snow, water, trains, birds... Basically any average KotH map. But unlike any other KotH map, Flurry has an enormous flank route straight past mid for a sneaky scout or spy to slip past, as well as a train that runs through mid...
  12. Cindycomma

    Cliffside B6

    Welcome to an abandoned facility with no purpose whatsoever! This is a mirrored map inspired by Viaduct and Trainsawlaser. So here's a fast run over the map, once you step out of one of two spawnrooms, you are instantly greeted by height variation as well as three ways to advance to the next...
  13. Cindycomma

    Cliffs Creating Too Many Visleafs [Guide] *Edited*

    Cliffs are cool, they tower above the map gracefully, making the map instantly have great detail, but, if you make them the wrong way, you might see the compile time skyrocket from 15 minutes to 5 hours if you have a somewhat average computer. First things first though, dont make a cliff with a...
  14. Cindycomma

    Missing Overlays [Guide] *Edited*

    So, there's a little bug in hammer which makes overlays completely transparent, and I'm here to tell you how to fix it. This bug makes the overlay texture disappear, therefore taking some time away from mapmaking (just a tiny bit though). This bug is usually caused by cutting the brush the...