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  1. Mikroscopic

    Dusk Till Dawn 2019 entries 2022-08-14

    Two maps I entered to the 2019 Dusk Till Dawn contest that I forgot to upload here. One is set in the canals of Venice, the other is a witch's hut in the swamp.
  2. KrazyZark

    globetrotter_krazyzark 2022-03-17

    Yea I didn't get to finish Intime for the deadline but that's okay this was massive undertaking and I probably set the bar to high, have hit plenty of limits for source as well so a lot of the map is missing. Still though Very proud of this one.
  3. Uber Fun

    koth_venice_a1 A1

    This is my second gameplay experiment in the form of a TF2 map, with which I try to learn more about TF2 level design.
  4. Cindycomma

    Canale B2

    This is my entry in the Payload Checklist Contest, blu is pushing an airboat full of explosives through the canals of Venice to stop red from moving a tugboat full of explosives. I just noticed that RED and BLU both own boats full of explosives. Canale is now on the workshop! Check it out...