Canale B2


  1. Oh my

    So... a day before the deadline, anyone?

    Widened the flank at A
    20190304002257_1.jpg Made the brick building near C look nice and warm on the inside 20190304002337_1.jpg Fancy structure 20190304002310_1.jpg Neato displacement walls 20190304002249_1.jpg Sloped one of the walls at A 20190304002302_1.jpg Added a cafe between B and C 20190304002316_1.jpg Made Blu's last spawn look fancy shmancy 20190304002326_1.jpg ...oh thats too...
  2. Beta!

    And just in time too!

    Blu's spawn is now fancy-shmancy
    20190302131229_1.jpg Most of the area before A is detailed 20190302131239_1.jpg Shallow water 20190302131346_1.jpg The structure at c has wood now 20190302131309_1.jpg Most of the dev textures have been replaced with real texures 20190302131323_1.jpg Interior decorating! 20190302131249_1.jpg Fancy B 20190302131300_1.jpg Red spawn is well detailed 20190302131401_1.jpg Made red's spawn...
  3. The Custom Contentining!

    Welcome to the custom contentining!

    I replaced the cluster of bridges at 1st with a freaking boat
    20190228210949_1.jpg Flow'rs 20190228211012_1.jpg Height variation after first 20190228211035_1.jpg Again with the height variation 20190228211042_1.jpg Extended the platform at second 20190228211107_1.jpg *Ring* 20190228210937_1.jpg Detailing Mock-up 20190228211025_1.jpg Crouch-through window 20190228211119_1.jpg T I L E...
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  4. A "Boat" Load of Changes

    This sucked too many hours out of my life

    Let's just get the obvious out of the way, the lighting is different, and the autumn theme is here!

    Made 3rd look fancy, replaced the building next to it with a grass patch
    20190218171624_1.jpg 3rd at another angle 20190218171701_1.jpg The Rialto Bridge in the background 20190218171545_1.jpg A new building after 2nd 20190218171607_1.jpg Cleaned up the flank at B 20190218171600_1.jpg Cleaned up Red's first spawn and...
  5. "Pre" Beta

    Hello fellow video gamers

    Here's another bi-eternal update drop.

    Fancy Shmancified Blu Spawn
    20190210153631_1.jpg Another fancy part of blu spawn 20190210153641_1.jpg Extended the platform at 3rd 20190210185310_1.jpg made the flank at 3rd more compact 20190210185119_1.jpg Added a new building that limits sightlines and helps with the aesthetic 20190210185000_1.jpg W I R E S 20190210185215_1.jpg All of the cobblestone walls were replaced with...
  6. Bi-Eternal Update Drop

    Well... that took a month...

    Added a pit with molten metal in it
    20190120124328_1.jpg Added a second red spawn to last 20190120124511_1.jpg Added a wooden structure to last 20190120124336_1.jpg Thinned the flank at first 20190120124604_1.jpg RIP bell 20190120124421_1.jpg Opened up this room and added a new door 20190120124404_1.jpg Another look at the new spawn room 20190120124516_1.jpg This door opens when the gate opens 20190120124705_1.jpg ...
  7. A very, very small update

    Clipped some edges

    Fixed some visually uninteresting spots

    Removed being able to walk behind the sign at 3rd

    20190104172018_1.jpg 20190104172021_1.jpg
  8. Quite a few nifty changes

    Hi, I'm not dead

    Don't mind the _d at the file extension, I had to decompile A7 midway through making it

    Added a neat bell... it rings
    20190103214636_1.jpg Changed this shed here to be more defendable 20190103214502_1.jpg Added a flank at first for blu 20190103214449_1.jpg Made this building more defendable 20190103214505_1.jpg Added this power position here 20190103214455_1.jpg Changed the cart again 20190103214431_1.jpg Made more visual cover at...
  9. Fixes and Things

    Hey... That took longer than expected

    Added a cubby to the building at first
    20181207122850_1.jpg Gave buildings containing spawn rooms basic textures 20181207122910_1.jpg Added a lip here for easy access to the boat at 3rd 20181207122902_1.jpg Added a tiny lip here to limit a terrible sniper sightline at last 20181207122937_1.jpg

    The small changes include

    -Removed a spot where you could build underwater

    -Fixed some floaty props on the cart

    -The cart has more...
  10. *Insert Boring Update Title Here*

    Blam, update. Here are the patches

    Added a flank route to last for blue from the catwalks
    20181203200530_1.jpg 20181203200524_1.jpg Added a huge flank at third 20181202000021_1.jpg 20181202154900_1.jpg 20181203200512_1.jpg Added another flank between first and second 20181203200420_1.jpg Made just about all of the cobblestone walls at first higher 20181203200453_1.jpg

    Small changes include...