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  1. joyboy

    Canals-08 v0

    A Half-Life 2 map recreation. This being my first map on tf2, I already map for fun on the source games, so this is just a experiment to see if I can design tf2 maps. I hope y'all have fun.
  2. Kinky

    koth_canals a1

    A story of warring families in a renaissance setting. Based on koth_venezia by Freyja
  3. Cindycomma

    Canale B2

    This is my entry in the Payload Checklist Contest, blu is pushing an airboat full of explosives through the canals of Venice to stop red from moving a tugboat full of explosives. I just noticed that RED and BLU both own boats full of explosives. Canale is now on the workshop! Check it out...
  4. Aapelikaeki

    Frostwire A13

    Frostwire is a snowy urban themed payload map made for the Payload Checklist contest. By @Aapelikaeki and @hamsterkins Blu mounted a bomb cart to tram tracks and try to push it trough a snowy city with cozy houses, a canal, large urban buildings and lots of trams. I the bomb doesn't collide...