Canale B2


  1. "Major" Gameplay Fixes

    Update, yay

    These were all requests from a playtest

    Added some neat arrows to red's spawn courtyard
    Made Red's spawn slimmer
    20181127202522_1.jpg Replaced the walls in the track between 2nd and 3rd with a house 20181127202534_1.jpg Made some nifty gates that open when the boat gets close and close when the boat gets far enough away
    20181127202500_1.jpg Added a little alcove near the bridge 20181127202517_1.jpg Replaced the fence props in the sewer at first with a brush 20181127202508_1.jpg Added a 1-way door to the hallway near 3rd 20181127202556_1.jpg Reduce the cafe's occupancy 20181127202642_1.jpg 20181127202601_1.jpg Added this little backyard area to the hallway building near 3rd 20181127202548_1.jpg New flank route near 3rd 20181127202607_1.jpg New window 20181127202637_1.jpg Replaced a few props w/ brushes 20181127202712_1.jpg Super mario time 20181127202622_1.jpg Fixed the lip here 20181127202542_1.jpg The entrance to the new flank route

    -fixed the boat's pushy nature as well as removed it's ability to keep stickybombs on it

    -You no longer get stuck in the airboat

    -The healing beam now comes out of the cart's dispenser funnel... thing

    -pushed red's spawn back

    -Removed the annoying light on the boat
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