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April Fools: Deepfall a3a

A ctf map made for the April fools contest 2018.

20180213103447_1.jpg 20180213103632_1.jpg
April is near and it was time for some good old joke maps.

Deepfall is a ctf map that is made in the style of the old western/coalmine. The unique part is that you fight each other in two small villages. And not in one giant complex. It also has a little 2-fort style mid section, which is (as I see it) a lot better.

"Now what is the April fools part?" You may think.
Well that's kinda part of the surprise. The April fools formula (as I like to call it) is not over used. What I mean by that is that the map is still fun outside of a joke map.

A3 note
  • There has not been much play-testing so some spots are still kinda op for sentry's and snipers.
  • Detailing had not really begun yet.
  • Lack of clipping.
  • Photo's are outdated.
A Piece of Shit.
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Latest updates

  1. a3a update, real quick

    Small update; bug fixes.
  2. a3 update: finally playable

    So here we are, with Alpha 3. After two play tests I realized that my map-making sucks. So I've reworked some stuff. Took down a lot of waterfall props for better play experience. Added some cliffs and rock displacements that make the map more...
  3. A2 update

    a2 right here! Removed fullbright Added ground texture for better play experience Added more clipping Changed return time to 45 seconds Removed bugs Added some random boxes cuz April fools