April Fools: Deepfall a3a

A ctf map made for the April fools contest 2018.

  1. A Piece of Shit.
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    April is near and it was time for some good old joke maps.

    Deepfall is a ctf map that is made in the style of the old western/coalmine. The unique part is that you fight each other in two small villages. And not in one giant complex. It also has a little 2-fort style mid section, which is (as I see it) a lot better.

    "Now what is the April fools part?" You may think.
    Well that's kinda part of the surprise. The April fools formula (as I like to call it) is not over used. What I mean by that is that the map is still fun outside of a joke map.

    A3 note
    • There has not been much play-testing so some spots are still kinda op for sentry's and snipers.
    • Detailing had not really begun yet.
    • Lack of clipping.
    • Photo's are outdated.


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Recent Updates

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