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  1. M

    koth_onepoint a3

  2. Mercia

    Radiotower A7b

    construction themed map This is my third map and I'm very happy with my mapping progress so far. Credits: The Construction Pack - various assets
  3. birds are great

    koth_grind_a1 2020-09-07

    its like an outside area! its simple
  4. birds are great

    koth_grind_a1 2020-09-07

    its like an outside area!
  5. Sarcastic_Fantastic

    How was the outside/background of cp_dustbowl achieved?

    I'm new to mapping and currently building my first map. I wanted the spawn area to take place outside but the setting isn't completely suitable to surround the area with skyscrapers like in Kong King for example. I really like the effect on Dustbowl where it looks like the map is way bigger than...
  6. ToxicRave

    plummet B3

    A map that I've been cooking up for the past couple of days. Though the basic layout is similar to turbine (like having the intel room to the side of spawn instead of behind it), the overall map is a lot more complex. With the double layered intel room and the spire-like mid, the map should give...
  7. A Piece of Shit.

    April Fools: Deepfall a3a

    So, April is near and it was time for some good old joke maps. Deepfall is a ctf map that is made in the style of the old western/coalmine. The unique part is that you fight each other in two small villages. And not in one giant complex. It also has a little 2-fort style mid section, which is...
  8. red3pit

    Timber Mill Copy a2

    Timber Mill from Paladins, but it's 3cp and it's in TF2. Name will change, when I'll find a good layout. a1 screenshots:
  9. Der dasMann

    Inf_Gronzni A1

    This is something I wanted to work on for a long time, the inspiration for this was a Source mod I once saw called Jaykin' Bacon. I thought to myself "How could this look like in TF2?" Well, I dont know, but I do think that a stealth based mode, custom or not, would be pretty good. So why not...
  10. x6herbius

    steeple b3fix

    Arena map built around a hydroelectric facility. Hopefully this'll give me a reason to actually practice detailing soon.