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  1. Le Codex

    KotH Mistfall

    Le Codex submitted a new resource: Mistfall - A koth map to get back into map design Read more about this resource...
  2. Le Codex

    Mistfall A1c

    A simple KotH map to get back into the swing of things. It's set around a waterfall feature, but the theme isn't really set in stone. Tried making interesting routes and layout, which resulted in a more deathmatch-y one.
  3. floating hat

    waterfall map A1

    this was one of my 1st maps i made when i started making maps and when i found it again i wanted to "finish" it by that i mean i want to atleast make it playable i know the map is too detailed for being still in alpha state but when i started i didnt know about this website so i would only...
  4. *Turns into crocodile*

    Dryleaf a1

  5. TheFluffycart

    Arena Wetside a1

    After 2 days of restarting, frustration, and losing motivation I am done! This is an arena map made for the TF2Maps 72Hour Summer Jam, and the outcome of it is not the worst thing on the planet. Hopefully it plays somewhat okay ^^" Almost forgot, 72Hr Jam poster was made by Heron, check it out...
  6. ммα | ∂αиỉєℓ

    Skybox version of the waterfall, does it exist

    Looking for a skybox version of the waterfall model. Has anyone ever used it? Does it even exist? I have no clue how easy it is to make. Any help would be appreciated :)
  7. octodoodle

    pl_Cabinwood a2

    This is my first payload map and my second map ever, it is set in a mountainous environment and has areas inspired greatly by many of the maps currently in TF2 so hopefully it plays okay, any feedback is greatly appreciated as I am no where near done with this map.
  8. A Piece of Shit.

    April Fools: Deepfall a3a

    So, April is near and it was time for some good old joke maps. Deepfall is a ctf map that is made in the style of the old western/coalmine. The unique part is that you fight each other in two small villages. And not in one giant complex. It also has a little 2-fort style mid section, which is...
  9. rokatf123

    A nice view in front of the waterfall. 2017-08-05

    Actually not my first poster. But this is the best in all of my done posters. Hopefully you like it.
  10. 200

    Aqua final

    If you ever tried to rocket jump for a decent amount of time, you probably know how glitchy the water is - it allows you to gain insane speed, jump very high and glide on its surface without touching the ground. Yes, it may not have the desired high level of detailing because it is very big...
  11. 200

    Lavafall 1.0

    This is a very simple vertically falling lava texture. Basically, it is just this tutorial with nature/underworld_lava002 texture. Packed with a simple map where you can check this out and see a usage example. A gif of a texture in action. Feel free to credit me if you want, I do not require...
  12. Yabayabayaba

    subway a2

    A work in progress map that involves many trains, a water fall, a nice cliff to fall off of, and more! As an alpha 1 this map includes extra features like bad skyboxing, a rectangular water fall, dev textures and mismatched props!
  13. frankvega

    ctf_taki a1

    - The map right now is not fully playable, the map will be symmetric so when I finish the RED part I will just have to copy paste and edit the necessary things for the BLU part - Stage: Alpha v1 Gamemode(Possibilities): Mainly Invade CTF, KotH, Arena, CP, A gamemode that I will be working on...
  14. NoodleCollie

    steeple b3fix

    Arena map built around a hydroelectric facility. Hopefully this'll give me a reason to actually practice detailing soon.
  15. Stiffy360

    Lair a7b

    a7b of pl_liar. Most of the changes are of first spawn and the third point. the rest of the map hasn't changed a significant amount.
  16. Stiffy360

    Lair a6h

    Version a6h of lair. Pretty much every point on the map has been redone a significant bit.
  17. Mikroscopic

    Asym2 Quickflow b2

    A single stage payload map. WIP entry to the TF2Maps 2016 Asymmetry Contest.
  18. BigfootBeto

    Uzaugi A5

    My very first map. Set at a Waterfall, this map is unique in that the Red and Blu teams decided to build their bases right beside each other. Of course, ignoring the yet-to-be beautiful landscape, one is left with a creative map that still offers balanced gameplay (in theory). *Name Changed...
  19. Billo

    Koth_WaterFall 2016-05-19

    Greetings From Koth_WaterFall! Do You Like Water? Netheir do i so why not come to the WaterFall? a King OF The Hill Map WorkShop Link:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687545704
  20. Quin

    "Abandoned" Theme resource pack 2016-03-30

    Uploaded with Permission by Py-bun for her content Most of these props were created for Abandoned Upward or Abandoned Turbine. Any future releases for this pack will be added as soon as they are aviable. Most of the models include multiple skins. Contents : by Py-bun (Textures/models)...