Prison Break a4a

Try to escape while the other team tries to stop you!

  1. A Piece of Shit.
    Prison break
    A nice small map in her early stage.

    She has three points to capture:
    • The main Hall that makes way for the prisoners to keep going.
    • The messy Canteen that serves terrible food!
    • The Yard where the prisoners have been digging a way out!
    Meanwhile the Guards need to prevent the prisoners from taking over the prison and escape.

    A4 note:
    • Unable to tell cons & pros due to lack of play-testing.
    • 3D Sky looks terrible.
    • Skybox in yard is arguably low.
    • Some area's could be too dark.
    • Spawn-room vent does not have a door. This makes it so you can go in there (with some skill) when the spawn is not active.
    • Lack of clipping.
    • Blue spawn could still be too one-sided (This makes spawn camping easy)
    • Bottom door of red's first spawn goes trough the roof and is visible from above.


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