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Apr 15, 2018
Me and few other mappers have created a competitive team for the Hydro.tf event. It's solely consisted of people from the community.

Hydro.tf is a highlander tournament where the only map is Hydro. It's not at all serious and fun for beginners too. I participated last year and had a good time.

The roster is
Sumo as Soldier
Maid of Heart as Pyro
Dr. Squishy as Heavy
Emil_Rusboi as Medic
FloofCollie as Scout
Skylark as Spy
Diogenes as Engineer
and me as Demoman.

We're looking for a Sniper and a few subs. We're also looking for people mainly in Europe. We won't turn away other people but they won't be our first choice. We'll choose at our discretion but it will mainly be going off how active you are within the forums and Discord.

Just post in the comments and you will be considered.

We hope you join us for some fun!
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Jul 26, 2018
I might be interested for Scout or Spy. However, I do live in the US and don't know that the time zones would work out. So, we shall see.


I really suck!
Nov 5, 2016
I would love to be part of this team more than anything but my schedule is very uncertain right now. I'm in Europe and main Scout and Sniper but don't have a mic, if that's not a problem perhaps I could be a substitute at a later date?
Either way, best of luck to everyone who ends up in the team <3
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Aug 9, 2018
I may be up for being your scout