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  1. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Proyard b2

    PROYARD The successor to Brickyard Created in June 2021, the map aims to improve gameplay for the competitive season. Brickyard issues were found during the PASS Time Federation Season 2 tournament and got fixed in this map.
  2. youporkchop5

    The TF2maps team!

    Me and few other mappers have created a competitive team for the event. It's solely consisted of people from the community. is a highlander tournament where the only map is Hydro. It's not at all serious and fun for beginners too. I participated last year and had a good time...
  3. Beater

    Meet Your Map: Beater's Competitive Mapmaking Challenge!

    Meet Your Map: Beater's Competitive Mapmaking Challenge! Hello TF2 mappers, I am Beater and I am proud to present my competitive 6v6 Map Making Challenge! The purpose of this map making competition, and the following one-night cup, is to create the best possible competitive, 6v6 koth or 5cp...