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  1. leezo

    "Comedic" Gameplay Signs v1

    An edit of the gameplay signs to say various of suggested things. Includes hanging and arrow versions of the sign!
  2. Drewfire

    Absolute Muppet lp4c

    Stunned by the technologies of Muppet-Vision, Mann Co. has 'borrowed' Muppet Labs' design for showcasing new tools, in this case tools of destruction. The result is Hale's Own Pyro-Vision 3D! Saxton Hale has found a use for those unused Pyrovision goggles in the Mann Co. warehouses, and that...
  3. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    Medieval Koth_pootis_pit S2 A2A

    A silly little map where you run around and fist fight other heavy's while to giant heavy watch over you. this is a joke map I made as a stress relief after burning out myself multiple times on an actual map
  4. harris0n

    tubetown a3

    DUMB MAP SIDE PROJECT Just wanted a map to dump stupid ideas into and make the most painful experience possible. Don't worry, it will get worse as it goes along
  5. youporkchop5

    The TF2maps team!

    Me and few other mappers have created a competitive team for the event. It's solely consisted of people from the community. is a highlander tournament where the only map is Hydro. It's not at all serious and fun for beginners too. I participated last year and had a good time...
  6. Tango

    If you could bring somebody back from history who would it be?

    Hey, Before replying: 1. Make sure person is actually dead. 2. Make sure the name of person is spelled correctly and includes when they were alive and nationality if possible. 3. Provide reason for choice of person or context why you chose this person. Serious and silly replies welcome!
  7. buud

    Heavy drawing - traditional but scanned 2018-07-29

    I drew it traditionally with .2 .1 and .5 cm black markers, colored pencils, refrence: and Meet the Heavy 1:10. The scan kind of ruins it but as a traditional "artist" this is the best I can do, hope y'all like it.
  8. samjooma

    elevatormadness (april fools map) a2

    This might look like a regular KOTH map at first, but weird thing start happening soon after the round starts. Made for april fools day.
  9. paperchaos

    chill_cabin b1

    Tired of boring stock maps for server events? then try out chill_cabin! sit back and relax and enjoy menu features such as: Mini games! Music! secrets! and many other features! There's also a convenient admin room that requires buddha or noclip to control the music.
  10. SnickerPuffs

    Sh!tpost Central

    Want a place to put your shitposts? Want to make a fool of yourself, but in a place where others are doing the same? Do you want to read mildy humorous (and quite possibly stupid) posts? Well, my friend, in honor of the quickly approaching April Fools, I have created such a place. Here, you can...