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  1. Lupe #savetf2

    Cp_storage 1.0

    My first Cp map and in my opinion the best map i have ever made. Cp_storage take place in a Mann Co. storage how have been dominated by the Red Team, and now the Blue team have to take it back. The fight take place in 2 different areas, the first point being in a large open area, and the...
  2. Lupe #savetf2

    koth_sandland 1.0

    A little valley how was discovered a mine of australium, after the local people refuse to sell the terrain to Mann Co strange sandstorms how are not in any way connect to Mann Co(the last sentence was sponsored for Mann Co)started to civer the village, and the people how lived there neded to...
  3. leezo

    "Comedic" Gameplay Signs v1

    An edit of the gameplay signs to say various of suggested things. Includes hanging and arrow versions of the sign!
  4. zythe_

    Hammer Memes!

    I kind of cant believe a thread like this doesen't exist already, but yeah, now it does. Post memes relating to or directly about hammer! not limited to just tf2, this extends to any source game, it just has to be related to mapping somehow. And i encourage you and everyone else to make memes...
  5. Danimations

    Mountwater A3

    A symmetrical 3CP inspired by Powerhouse. The only reason I named this map Mountwater is because if you go to mid point there is a mountain and water.
  6. SaltyPapi

    Barrage a6

    koth_dam_a1, a small koth map that encourages aggressive play. Set inside a massive dam, the map is split by a canal of flowing water, which terminates in a great drop. The intent behind the map was to explore verticality, i.e., height advantages, and to develop map-making skills. To do: -...
  7. ethosaur

    manor_of_mischief 2021-08-18

    This is a new map I've been working on for a while now: Manor of Mischief! My newest addition to my "manor of" series. New custom content, art, rooms, models, collectibles, and so much more, all ready to be explored with others! Features a lot of characters, drawings and models that I have...
  8. ethosaur

    manor_of_fun_fix 2021-08-14

    A more stable, and fixed version of manor_of_fun, this one should work on bigger servers, with more players and mods/plugins. The old manor, was unfortunately made at a time, where I didn't know how to optimize that well, and the entity limit was already almost full, so it often ended up in...
  9. ethosaur

    mannor_of_horrors 2021-08-04

    Old exploration/hangout map I made long ago, this is a first iteration of my manor_of_fun, that I made much later. I found it while looking around in my files. You might find some fun in it still though, so I decided to upload it here, for archival/history purposes. "New" manor map...
  10. ethosaur

    manor_of_fun 2021-08-04

    This is a hangout/exploration map made for people, who want just a little more weirdness and exploration in their every day goofy tf2 server, or whatever your else your heart desires. Explore dark forests with friends, or alone, discover weird secrets and unlock new things by completing simple...
  11. Parzivle

    Tardis A1

    This is a koth map designed around the idea you are in the Tardis. This map is just meant to have fun on.
  12. Potato 2

    koth_drilled v1

    Red and Blu accidentally hired the same contractors to build a giant drill on top of a hill, being lazy they only built half of each, now the mercs will have to fight for ownership of the drill and all the gravel it dug up so far.
  13. Danimations

    koth_odyssey B1

    I tried. This is my second ever made map so please be gentle. The next major update I will do is making the lights look much nicer. Oh yeah also I put a nav file in there so its bot compatible. ;)
  14. Ober

    dm_dora upd1

    A surrealist and cyberpunk-esque deathmatch map that takes place in tightly knit alleyways and street corners. This map is my personal love letter to the silly and objectiveless maps that were plentiful around 2008-2015. This map is a work-in progress. I still have a lot of plans for it, but...
  15. thysponge55

    cp_backwoods b3

    Welcome to cp_backwoods (yes, it's a pun) An early version of my fourth TF2 map. Contains: The classic, symetrical 5CP experience. Open middle, with breakable (and broken) windows. Flank routes, as well as main choke-points. Good sentry spots, heavy-holds, sniper lines and spy flanks...
  16. Whomobile

    Rum Run A1

    A silly idea I had for a Special Delivery map set in a distillery where you have to run away from a giant barrel of Rum.
  17. mat_mot0

    epsilon 2020-03-14

    old map from 3yrs ago. tweaked it a lil today on march 2020
  18. f4.

    HPS1 2020-02-17

    Handball time tf2
  19. Dr.MemeSpoon

    FakeOrange! 2019-07-22

    THE BEST ORANGE MAP (not really an orange map) IN THE WORLD, THIS MAP HAS BEEN CRAFTED TO FIT ETHE BEST not so very ORANGE MAP IN THE WORLD, THIS MAP HAS BEEN CRAFTED TO FIT EVERY SINGLE CLASS IN-GAME its just my take on a koth orange map... fun fact its my first map
  20. youporkchop5

    The TF2maps team!

    Me and few other mappers have created a competitive team for the event. It's solely consisted of people from the community. is a highlander tournament where the only map is Hydro. It's not at all serious and fun for beginners too. I participated last year and had a good time...