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    I hate how TF2 when you type `map` into the console everything freezes while it loads only 1024 maps (which is an issue when you have 3k) and you need to do that every time and arrow down until you get to where you were and then go one below. Made a simple tool which lets you search for what you want and not have to load it every time you want to change maps.

    Key features:
    • Better map filtering with regex support
    • Load maps just through arrows and pressing enter
    • See who made the map (only available for newer maps as of A1)

    This tool will fetch maps from your tf/maps and tf/download/maps folders, and once selecting a map pressing enter will play the map on an open TF2. If these files are not within your C drive, open config.json and change the drive name.

    Simply enter what you would like to search for, if you want to be shown cp maps that are release candidate or final search for `cp rc final` (or if you're lazy `cp rc f` does exactly the same, also order doesn't matter `f cp rc`) - you can search for multiple gamemodes and multiple version types `pl plr a b` (payload or payload race where alpha or beta). You will be given a plain text version of what you searched for just so you know you've been understood correctly.
    cp rc final.gif

    If you want to search for a specific name just prefix your search with "!" so searching for microcontest #8 maps you would search "!mc8" (this search is full regex, for all microcontest maps you could use `!mc\d+` to search for "mc" followed by any number of digits - for those that don't know regex, just use it like a normal search)

    To select maps use the up and down arrow keys and when you want to play one press enter, when you're ready to move onto the next map just press the arrow keys and enter on a new map. If you press enter on the wrong map it's fine, just continue to the one you wanted - you can change map while TF2 is changing map. By default 25 maps are shown at a time (to reduce spam, configuable in config.json), to load more simply be at the bottom and press down again (you can hold down and it will keep loading until you reach the bottom).

    If you want to search for something else, just press `Esc`.

    Some maps have the author next to them (currently working on this to be available on all maps that can have it), with those you can press the `f` key to open the forum thread or `a` to open the author's page. Please note that while I have supplied a cache of 2992 maps and userlist the first time you open maploader it will update the cache to include the maps which I don't have. This can be disabled within your config.json by setting `"showAuthor":false,`

    When updates come out you will be notified on startup and shown all of the features that have come out since the version you're using.

    As with AIMD this was made for personal use and does everything I need, but I'm more than happy to add features you want just post a suggestion here or ping me on Discord.

    Github project:
    Download here:
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