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  1. youporkchop5

    Empire rc2

    KOTH map made in collaboration with zythe, _rhamkin and radarhead! Even massive mega-corporations vying for a global hegemony over the world need office space. However, when you have to share that office space with another mega-corporation trying to achieve the same thing, AND your greatest...
  2. youporkchop5

    Dunno a15a

    Dunno is my first real TF2 map in a long time. Hopefully it's good. (edit: its not) The Mercenaries were warped here by some magician (I think he's Soldier's roommate) and now they are forced to fight over the Legendary Nickelodeon Slime Pit™!
  3. youporkchop5

    Multi Stage Freefall a4_s1.

    Freefall is a map where RED has a skyscraper. It's an average skyscraper, not that amazing. However, BLU does not have a skyscraper. They are now going to kill each other for the skyscraper, even though, like I said, there are better skyscrapers with better prices and don't need you to send a...
  4. youporkchop5

    The TF2maps team!

    Me and few other mappers have created a competitive team for the event. It's solely consisted of people from the community. is a highlander tournament where the only map is Hydro. It's not at all serious and fun for beginners too. I participated last year and had a good time...
  5. youporkchop5

    Jerrycan a15b

    I will probably update this description later but since the map is in development I'll wait on it