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The Improved PASS Time Prefab V2

Better than the official!

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    The Improved PASS Time Prefab - Better than the official!

    This is a heavily modified version of the Official PASS Time prefab that was created by Escalation Studios. This prefab was originally created for Microcontest #5: PASS Time Panic. More information about PASS Time and its design conventions can be found there.

    The official prefab is a bit of a mess, containing extraneous logic, incomplete logic, broken logic, invalid solids, and bizarre organization. This one's been cleaned up, fixed, labeled, and organized for ease of use.


    This .vmf contains:
    • All PASS Time game logic
    • The Jack dropper
    • All three goal types (run-in, throw-in, and bonus goals)
      • The bonus goals are the water towers from Brickyard and Timbertown
      • Their clipping and props from those maps have been included here as well
    • All three launch pad types
      • One of these types is the bonus goal launchers that glow when the bonus goals are open
    • path_tracks set up as Section 0 (for making the PASS Time HUD function)
    • Forward and defensive spawns for both teams
    • Triggers for changing the spawns based on Jack position
    • All triggers and clips needed on spawn doors to keep the Jack out
    Unlike the official prefab, this one only contains one Section, set up by a logic_auto rather than having multiple using trigger_multiple. No official maps use more than one section, so I modified the template to match how Sections are handled in Timbertown and District.

    Changes since the Microcontest template version:
    • Fixed Section0's path_tracks being backwards, incorrectly marking Red's side as Blu's side on the HUD.
    • Fixed the trigger_pushes on the run-in goals launching the ball sideways rather than outward.
    • Fixed scoring in Bonus Goals setting off particle effects in the run-in goals
    • Fixed the ridiculous bloom/HDR that was in place from the official prefab
      • It now uses Badlands' values since the prefab was already using Badlands lighting
    • Recolored some dev textures that were the wrong color
    Please note that by default players spawn in the forward spawn, unless the Jack is inside the defense trigger.

    The spawn-switching logic also changes respawnwave times based on the times used in all official maps: 7.5 seconds for attackers and 5 seconds for defenders.


    If you rotate the run-in goals or the vertical launch pads, you will need to change the push direction on their trigger_pushes for the ball to be sent the right way.

    If you want copies of the goals, launchers, or speed boosters, you can copy them and use paste special with "Make pasted entity names unique" checked to create new ones without causing logic conflicts.

    Even if you paste special, you will have to manually add new tf_glow entites for each additional bonus goal or bonus goal launcher, since each tf_glow can only target one thing without breaking.
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    The bonus goals now properly display as bonus goals on the HUD. Them not showing up as such was a mistake in the official prefab that I did not catch.

    If you're already using an older version of the prefab it's an easy fix:
    Go inside your bonus goals, find the func_passtime_goal entities, and set the "Show special locked status on HUD" flags to true.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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