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Jun 27, 2016
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Done. Fixed a few other too while I was in there.

could members be allowed to re-upload
If I'm understanding you right. No. The original author should be the one uploading. If you're asking about uploading on behalf of an author in their already existing download you would have to be a part of their resource team.

Right now you can't see it.
I see what you mean. I don't think the old site had this. If you look next to the download you'll see an orange megaphone icon indicating it's been featured . I've added a notice too for threads in the Map Showcase as that was the easier solution rather than rewriting things. You might want to suggest this to Xenforo, the people who made the forum software, but I'll try and find something and start moving the rest of the featured maps over to their correct sub-forum. I am using Haarp as the example.
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Sep 10, 2016
I'm not sure whether this counts as more of a bug, but I can't manage cover images on any of the downloads I'm a team member on.

I would like to be given the ability to manage cover images.
I haven't made any team downloads, so I don't know what abilities you can give your team members. I know that on Caribbean, I can "change resource type" which isn't an ability I have on other team downloads I'm part of.
If team download creators can already give team members the ability to manage cover images, then make it so that team members have the manage cover images ability by default, please.


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Oct 9, 2021

I know this is not particularly important for a PC game based site, but this is what preview images for resources look like on the mobile version on my end. Everything else is fine, but I can only see the very left side of any picture larger than my phone's resolution, which is a little annoying. Maybe they could be realigned or resized on the mobile version?

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Jul 30, 2021


Minor bug but this happens if a featured map is the most recent post; It'll display the "This map is featured!" text on the wrong page