Startacker's Deathbed Maps 2: 2017 Edition [OPEN]

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Jun 15, 2013
This is a semi-continuation of my last orphaned map thread, except this time it's maps that are worth being picked up. All downloads are at the bottom of this thread.

PL_SNOWALEEN (Original thread)
Last version: Alpha 3 A

Christmas/Halloween themed Single-Stage Payload. Initially had some interesting ideas, but was plagued with poor design work and tight spaces. Contains Halloween Control Point Particles by @Exactol probably

What needs to be done:
  • Major layout changes, I don't think blue was ever able to push out to first
  • Logic needs to be touched up

20180226220417_1.jpg 20180226220447_1.jpg 20180226220506_1.jpg 20180226220518_1.jpg 20180226220544_1.jpg 20180226220534_1.jpg 20180226220554_1.jpg

CP_LAADEEDAA (Original thread)
Latest version: Alpha 5 B, Alpha 6 available in VMF only

A last ditch effort to get a map in to the Asymmetrical Contest 2. Started off as TC, then to Gravelpit styled AD, then to standard Single-Stage AD. Not sure what the difference from a5b to a6 is. Also named after a STRFKR song, I guess.

What needs to be done:
  • Major layout changes, lots of flat areas with little cover

20180226221617_1.jpg 20180226221629_1.jpg 20180226221635_1.jpg 20180226221646_1.jpg 20180226221654_1.jpg 20180226221705_1.jpg 20180226221714_1.jpg

MVM_DISKOFF (Original thread)
Latest version: Alpha 3

Short project for the Mappers VS Machines Contest. Never really got anywhere. I've included the pop files. Navigation file is trash, you're better off making your own.

What needs to be done:
  • Layout changes to add more height variation and places
  • Unique popfiles, normal is closely referenced from valve pops and advanced is unfinished

20180226221801_1.jpg 20180226221819_1.jpg 20180226221828_1.jpg 20180226221839_1.jpg


Purposely misspelled. Two trains crash into each other, whoever wins gets their train through, at least that's what I think happens. Logic is probably broken. Uses particles from Snowplow.

What needs to be done:
  • Logic touch up
  • Playtesting needs to be done for layout


Just like last time (a year ago) this is all open, play around with it as much as you want. Just credit me if you do release it.


  • cp_laadeedaa_a5a.vmf
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  • cp_laadeedaa_a5a.bsp
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  • cp_laadeedaa_a6.vmf
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  • pl_snowaleen_a3a.vmf
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  • pl_snowaleen_a3a.bsp
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  • koth_balconey_a1.vmf
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  • koth_balconey_a1.bsp
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  • mvm_diskoff_a2_intermediate.pop
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  • mvm_diskoff_a3.pop
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  • mvm_diskoff_a2_advanced.pop
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  • mvm_diskoff_a3.vmf
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  • mvm_diskoff_a2.vmf
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  • mvm_diskoff_a3.bsp
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  • mvm_diskoff_a2.bsp
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