Startacker's deadbeat good-for-nothing useless and terrible maps (Open!)

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    (Overly exaggerated title)

    Here's some maps that I've given up on/have no use for

    Ah, my first map I actually released, other than koth_insomniaplusboredom_a8. This map suffers the complete opposite of koth_yuckamuck (I'm pretty sure yuckamuck is gone, but if someone actually has it, pm me) Overscaled, long sightlines, improper brushwork, horrible last.
    20161218203538_1.jpg 20161218203540_1.jpg 20161218203552_1.jpg 20161218203619_1.jpg 20161218203621_1.jpg 20161218203636_1.jpg 20161218203647_1.jpg 20161218203701_1.jpg 20161218203722_1.jpg 20161218203731_1.jpg 20161218203739_1.jpg
    20161218203748_1.jpg 20161218203802_1.jpg 20161218203820_1.jpg 20161218203838_1.jpg 20161218203849_1.jpg

    An April Fools map that never saw the light of day, would combine a lot of CTF maps into one.
    20161218204119_1.jpg 20161218204132_1.jpg
    NOTE: The .vmf has more in it than the .bsp

    Have you noticed my fondness to 2 word names? I have.
    This was a Frontline! KOTH map, suffering from flatness, large sightlines, and overscaledness
    20161218203940_1.jpg 20161218203949_1.jpg 20161218203959_1.jpg 20161218204006_1.jpg 20161218204029_1.jpg 20161218204033_1.jpg

    "But Starfucker*, why should we care about these?"
    They're good maps, they just need nurturing and a few lessons on how not to suck.
    *Starfucker is the name of a band I really like, shortened to STRFKR

    This is open, each map has their .vmf and .bsp listed down below.

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  2. Diva Dan

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    How much of 2turbinecrossfall is done? Also, how did you plan to merge all of the maps? Because it's a cool idea!
  3. Startacker!

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    Here's the original design (except sideways >:^(((((((((((((((()

    And here's what it would probably look like in the end:
    At the moment, the .vmf has 2fort spawns, turbine hallway and vent, and the doublecross intel room is somewhat done