PL Sabotage A1

Oh my god, it's a mirage! I'm tellin' y'all, it's SABOTAGE!!!!

  1. OctoBlitz

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    Sabotage - Oh my god, it's a mirage! I'm tellin' y'all, it's SABOTAGE!!!!

    Sabotage is a map I have been working on for a while to help me practice my layouts, as well as helping me experiment with logic systems and forward spawns

    Some things I already know that are wrong with the map include the following

    • Track props not aligning correctly
    • Choke Points Galore
    • Some issues with lighting
    Please provide any feedback you can give to me as soon as you can as I am looking forward to developing this map more in the future.
  2. [Rx.] Christian Troy

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    I can't stand it! I know you planned it! :p

    Had to take this one on a run due to the reference.

    - On loading the map there are a lot of VPhysics errors in the console. Mostly tracks but some other props are mixed in there too.
    - Blu spawn seems a little too close to one of the doors going out and very far away from the other. Maybe move it to the back about as even with the exit doors as possible or add another spawn on the other side. Red spawn seems fine with even exits.
    - The glass window across from the blu spawn has a different texture on the outside. Not sure if that is on purpose.
    - Check point 2 for the bomb cart seems kinda "iffy" to me. It's very close to the red spawn with resupply lockers very close by and can be heavily camped by the red team. Blu team still has to run there from their first spawn which a bit of distance even for the scout class. Once that one is captured red team's spawn does move to the final point but, blu team still has to run from their first spawn to get there and their spawn doesn't move until the 3rd check point.
    - The 2nd blu spawn seems fine when the cart gets to point 3 and so does the red 2nd spawn. Some good battles should take place there.
    - Near the 2nd blu spawn, when you go out of that spawn, make a left through the next door, and left at the fence there closing off that small area, you can see inside the back of the blu spawn even though it's a full brush on the inside.
    - So far the layout itself seems good and power ups seem to be in good spots.
    - The env_light seems good so far with the shadows looking good too. The only big things I noticed were some track props not lighting correctly but with this map being in alpha, this is a non issue right now until some textures are put in where they are at.

    I only had a few hours to play with this one but, it seems this one is going to be some fun to play. And please don't change it's name if ya can help it. I look forward to playing with it more when more is done with it.